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  1. @Dave Whelan is the Rangers equivalent of a cuckold imo
  2. Worth mentioning that at this point in the season Caixinha had one more point than Ange currently does
  3. He’s the only ref I genuinely think cheats. Every other referee in Scotland is just really shite and they make poor decisions because of that, nothing more. Clancy on the other hand, whether consciously or unconsciously, is utterly biased and can’t help himself.
  4. Don’t know how these folk coped during Walter’s second spell when we were winning like that every other week
  5. It’s almost a year to the day since we drew 2-2 with Hibs, which meant we were only a point ahead of Celtic with them having a game in hand. There were threads at the time demanding that Gerrard be sacked and that the team wasn’t good enough, etc. Just saying.
  6. Looking for two for this if possible.
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