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  1. Thank god Foden is really good at football, otherwise he'd be riding mopeds and harrassing pensioners outside the shops.
  2. Genuinely thought you were taking the piss here but I PM’d him and actually got a discount on the code he gave me, fair play mate.
  3. I support @SPWF on this issue. Not really bothered either way to be honest but I feel like he needs backing up in this thread.
  4. We’re 1-0 up in a glorified friendly and cunts are wanting players sold Fuck sake, match threads on here are absolutely mental sometimes.
  5. He had to move to England when he was 16/17 as his dad got a job, but then he couldn’t get another club for a year. Before joining Morecambe he was playing for West Didsbury & Chorlton in the 10th tier of English football
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