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  1. Çağlar Söyüncü's name has more accents than a Meryl Streep box set
  2. His dislike of Gerrard is also reminiscent of @gsa He also posted a literal death threat against Diane Abbott then got all offended when I told him he probably shouldn’t be posting that on a public forum
  3. Can’t wait to see him as chairman and his son as manager Free pie or roll with every season ticket bought
  4. Mind this game was a pivotal match of the season in terms of our mentality, it finally proved that we could get over the line even when we were playing shite. This thread was also exhilarating to read through at the time, the way the despair when we were losing gradually begins to turn to relief when we equalise and then joy when we score the second and third goals. Probably the most important non-OF game this season.
  5. Imagine being so desperate not to give a player any credit whatsoever that you end up downplaying our title win
  6. He’s spent most of his career as an assistant, except for one season in the Qatari league. Literally Caixinha Mk II, though at least Pedro has actually won a league as a manager
  7. Mark Robinson is the best manager in the world anyway
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