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  1. Exactly mate. It makes no sense for Rangers to put him up to answer snide questions about how he plays the game or scoring droughts etc.
  2. I don’t think there’ll be any fans in the ground until at least next season.
  3. What’s the script with Wednesday’s game? Anyone know how much they intend to rinse us?
  4. The bond between the players and fans is as closer than it's ever been. Compare it to last seasons squad and it's chalk and cheese.
  5. Not yet but didn't come out until a few days after for the scum game.
  6. Will probably watch just to see young Ryan Hardie stick three past them.
  7. jafrfc


    I think that come next season he'll prove to be a good addition to the team. He's used to playing with not much of the ball at St Johnstone and hitting teams on the break with his pace, this season we've been camped out in the oppositions area for most the game and move it with short paces from sides to side prying for an opening. I don't think he's used to this style of play at all and you can see it with his movement off the ball. I'll hold my judgement on him until he gets a full pre season with the team and begins to understand how we play a bit better. He'll come good.
  8. I normally pay it all up front. However, it might be better for me to do the monthly payments. Is it easy enough to sign up to?
  9. Said to my two mates beside me that Tav would smash his over the bar.
  10. We had a banner about Rangers in our end, they had a banner about Rangers in their end. Some things never change.
  11. Spoke to them both after the game. Were sat a couple of rows down from me in B8, they couldn't believe the noise and said they had a great time.
  12. https://vid.me/KbmN https://vid.me/Y4AT A couple of videos from yesterday. Excuse the vertical camera, had other priorities! @cr3_bear as promised mate.
  13. Wes Tav Ball Wilson Wallace Zelalem Halliday Holt King O'Halloran McKay
  14. I've got a couple on my phone mate, will try and get them up at some point tonight.
  15. Voice is gone and probably won't return for the next few days. Crooks and Windass were sitting a few rows below us in B8. Asked Windass if he enjoyed the game and he said it was incredible.
  16. All these key battles being picked out in the media and not one word said about the wee man. That's what you want, they don't know anything about him and his game. Will suit Jason down to a tee.
  17. I fucking hate them. Rancid stinking manky cunts.
  18. There is no public sale for games against the filth at Ibrox. Everything goes to ST holders.
  19. Hope he never gets a ticket again. Mhank like behaviour.
  20. The Victoria, Rosevale and Deoch an Dorus will all have it on in Partick.
  21. Saw the pictures earlier. Will collect mine next week at some point, not in a rush.
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