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  1. Andy Walker was practicly greetin because of no old firm games,torbet towers being empty by January & the poor standard in the SPL.
  2. Would love to see him back, was dynamite before he left. But wages would be 30k+ even with a wage drop can't see it.
  3. No way was listening to Keys & Gray yesterday, John Collins was on and was talking about how souness tried to sign him in the early nineties he said this would never happen as he was a celtic fan, the subject moved onto Mo Johnston and how he was the first 'roman catholik' to sign for Rangers, Andy Gray didn't even correct him. It's stuff like this snyde digs, same with leckie on monday For every positive story about us there is about 10 negative stories.
  4. A poor player past his best. Reminds me of Michael Owen good when he was younger but injury prone & high wages. We need players but not this one.
  5. Was thinking this myself. In the first paragraph it looks like he is trying to put out the fire, the the end of the statement he has flung petrol on it. Can't believe he could be that stupid, could he?
  6. Good to have a tie up with a company who are doing very well at the moment. Positive move.
  7. Our best midfielder last season good luck Edu. Your goal in the last minute against them will live long in the memory.
  8. Just a quick point, when defending a corner do we need to have all our players in the box. Is there a chance we could leave a player on the half way line so we could get a quick breakaway. Apart from this I am happy with results and think a better style will come after the team have clicked together.
  9. Hope he enjoyed us telling him where he can shove his tartan army.
  10. I did not expect them to stay as I stated in an earlier post. They used there wage drop to negotiate a minimum release cause not helping the club but themselves.
  11. None of the players who left were on the financial breadline, I appreciate they took wage cuts, they all took it as an opportunity to renegotiate minimum release causes in there contracts.
  12. Sheffield Wednesday. you will amount to nothing.
  13. The problem was the way they did it. I like everyone else had accepted they would leave in the summer if they had transfered there contracts over I would have wished them well even kept an eye on how they were doing for there new clubs. The timing & the way they went about it is what pissed me off. We were being attacked from all quarters and then we start getting attacked from within players saying we no longer existed, our own twisting the knife. Would not welcome any of them back to Ibrox in any form. I had great memories of what these players did for us but feel they have soured them w
  14. I know that 'Three little birds' was sung by Ajax fans last season sure we adopted it from that . Union Bears\Blue Order started singing it at the end of last season. Doubt very much that a RASTA from Jamaca was a Celtic fan. I also doubt that with the amount he smoked he could remember what he had for breakfast let alone recite the full 1967 celtic team. I'm calling bullshit.....
  15. Bill Leckie has never had a good word to say about Rangers I think we have annoyed him by filling Ibrox at the weekend. Another bitter one who has been driving the anti Rangers agenda in the media since February these journo's are responsible for where the SPL finds itself now. The media are gutted that we are turning the corner while the SPL struggles to pay 30 k for Dundee Hibs. Rather than report on a positive lets turn it into a negative. WE HAVE WEATHERED THE STORM!
  16. We play Falkirk tommorow at the Falkirk Stadium.
  17. Can some one post these articles so we don't need to give these rhats any hits.
  18. Good idea from Charlie, can't see us getting away with that sporting integrity will not allow it.
  19. I thought we were shocking for the first 20 minutes yesterday, when we get the ball on the deck our quality shows. The secound half was much better, I hope we can keep the ball on the deck against Falkirk.
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