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  1. Phil 3 names is a bigot, lives in a country we the Brittish public propped up to the tune of a couple of billion, Sits on his arse spouting pish about Rangers being (dead/dieing/sevco). We have weathered the storm and will prosper. The bitter ones have failed. No Surrender
  2. Hopefully we can play Argy at rb and wallace at lb
  3. Super Ally. Our Manager who else could have brought us through this period. Seems quite a few people have an axe to grind with Ally, the way some have turned on him is a disgrace. We can all be disapointed by the poor performance's away from home I am, we can criticise him & the team but to call for the managers head is so premature.
  4. Whats wrong with Plastic whistle & Rangers playing on the same day.
  5. What's the Chelsea alloette thing all about mate, heard the Chelsea fan's singing this before the friendly couple of years ago in Annie Millers.
  6. Remeber watching the interview it was cringe worthy. Not just Thompson but the whole media let themselves down badly with the pursuit of everything Rangers. Another one who showed himself up was Mark Daly am I the only one who thought his telephone call to Duff & Phelps was fiction. We have survived the bombardment from these journo's. As a Club we should never be in the state were what these scumbags say should be relevant. In Charles Green we have someone who should not let the media spin there bile without hitting back.
  7. Get a grip. We are unbeaten. John Gregg didn't want to know in our hour of need infact still haven't heard from him yet.
  8. Get a grip. We are unbeaten. John Gregg didn't want to know in our hour of need infact still haven't heard from him yet.
  9. Thought Ally looked ragin yesterday, hopefully we come out all guns blazin on Thursday.
  10. Don't like it much either, heard it at Falkirk last week.
  11. Was a poor show yesterday. Hopefully Falkirk will feel the wrath on Thursday.
  12. another Ally thread................super
  13. Played better in the secound half, had quite a good wee nutmeg on one of there players. Too early to judge, looked neat & tidy.
  14. Voted yes. The over reaction has been shocking. 3 games into new season unbeaten. People moaning cause we are not playing tapy tapy football get a grip.
  15. They will not be taking any money off us are you kiddin 10 million. They are in no positon to punish anyone apart from the themselves.
  16. Fuck Charlie Adam. His comments after we went into admin will not be forgotten.
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