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  1. Once his first touch improves we'll see a difference.
  2. A call to arms. Are you there arms? Hello. Oh, it's ok, they are tied behind my back in this straight jacket.
  3. If our board doesn't call out these cheats then the corrupt governing bodies are not going to give a fuck, are they?
  4. Do you know how correct you are? "We can't get back Neill, null and void the league please". These basturts would try anything to get their own way.
  5. I should maybe clarify, those SFL clubs who wanted us to play in the championship and not div.3. If there was any?
  6. Only those who supported us in 2012, that does not include clubs who abstained from the separate SPL or SFL votes. Would be great to know who those few brave clubs were.
  7. This all day long. Our board have fuck all balls. The status quo can't remain, ha f*****g ha. Douglas Park prove me wrong.
  8. That is fair enough in parts. But why would you not write about a football club that has lied and cheated it's whole history. More recently to get to their tainted 8 3/4 titles, jogging along as if their the bees knees and untouchable. They are untouchable because people like you and your fellow press and media colleagues refuse to link it to how they have behaved the last 45 or more years and beyond. They have carte blanche to do as they like because they are unchallenged from all corners, press, media, politicians etc. etc. They should be closed down and stripped of all titles, if, as it will be proved, they covered up child abuse. So in summary, football club wins multiple football trophies while said football club hides its dark history. Why is that not connected to football writers writing about their footballing history? So you see a pattern here. Football is mentioned a lot. The always cheated never defeated mantra about sums them up. Deny and deflect is how they survive. If you in any way had any sympathy for Rangers Football Club, then you would go after this corrupt football club with no mercy. I suppose it is hard to put your head above the parapet when you are unsure the reaction of their more diseased fanatics. They have previous for frightening referees, football players, relatives of family of CSA victims, etc. etc. All this is IMHO.
  9. If any of the club's who read the whole document do not vote for an independent inquiry, then they will be the ones on Pete's Payroll. Got them bang to rights Rangers. Brilliant.
  10. How do you do it on line pal? Old Bluenose asking.
  11. If I catch the virus, I am going to get a ticket for the GB section of the BJ KNEWCAMP ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Signed. Disgrace when you consider what that lot let the Groin Brigade away with. Not happy.
  13. Several of our boys playing and there's the difference from Clarke's Cock Ups.
  14. Dispute better not be over until we get a grovelling apology, c***s.
  15. Maybe, but if you have played for the Famous, you should have some sporting values. IMO.
  16. Now he is a cowardly p***k, kicking lumps out of our players and feigning injury and trying to get our players sent off.
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