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  1. The headline on the Rangers BBC page on their website is about ‘a celtic legend’. That’s the Rangers page. Like it or not a lot of us pay this organisation and this is deliberate mischief making by some wee tit in my view . It’s not the first time. Just making bears aware .
  2. They’ve got form for this kind of shit before. All joking aside it’s pretty pathetic, like there’s a 14 year old in charge of their ‘journalistic’ input. Pricks.
  3. Actually embarassing watching that again. Dear god.
  4. Good article and bang on the money. The ‘always cheated never defeated’ brigade will implode come 55. Can’t wait!
  5. Yesterday was beautiful. To see ‘broonaldo’ 😅 owned all over the pitch was wonderful. If the guy was gracious in victory you might have more respect for him but after his previous sneering displays of classless behaviour; one word: karma.!
  6. He frustrates the life out if me a lot of the time but today proves he definitely has improved defensively. No question.
  7. What is going wrong is in the main a piss poor midfield who are often too negative or make poor decisions. How many shots on target have we had of late? Dreadful. Shots on goal create chances that can be converted. That’s why we can’t win games cos we always seem to concede so need to score at least a couple per game.
  8. Im not saying he’s the answer to all our problems but he knows how to foward pass. And can score too. We need him.
  9. Good job SG isn’t a poster on here as he’d be getting slagged for being so negative. “We’re top of the league ffs “😄 Love his honesty and the fact he’s not content. That is winner mentality right there.
  10. But they are LIGHT YEARS ahead of us according to the experts. What a load of bull. We are in a great position.
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