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  1. There’s no way Gerrard will put up with the dirge we have seen this season and on that basis of blind optimism surely we’ll be at least 2nd or go one better. Why not?
  2. One of the proudest nights as a gers fan. Just how good was Goram?
  3. Just when you think we’re turning a corner another piss poor performance today. 17 points is shocking really. We can blame the referee and bad luck with injuries but its not good enough.
  4. He couldn’t give a crap about us when we were in trouble and handled the situation appallingly. Good riddance.
  5. Murty's very skilled at dealing with the hacks, gives them enough but not too much.
  6. Is this the same journo who wrote about the Seb Faure ‘exclusive’?
  7. Just another example of the gutter press in this country. And this from the Scotsman which i used to think was respected. Quick scan on the internet and i found this Aussie article which says Moore resigned, was not sacked. And not a mention of strip colour anywhere. I am not offended in the slightest but really despair at times with this country’s ‘journalism’. http://www.theroar.com.au/2018/01/17/satisfied-craig-moore-quits-embattled-brisbane-roar/
  8. And how could we forget this game . The standard of refereeing we’ve seen this last couple of years has been beyond incompetent.
  9. Brilliant player and speaks very well. Thanks for posting.
  10. Well done the young guns. Considering the setup Bayern Munich have in terms of money and facilities etc that is a fantastic result.
  11. If he gets the service from midfield then can certainly see him hitting the back of the net. Hopefully forms a good partnership with wee Alfredo.
  12. Ok it’s not the worst example by far but remember that this continued negative drip drip news from their likes does nothing but devalue our club, demonise our support, put off potential investors etc. On that basis Bears should call out this type of thing. Absolutely.
  13. Yeah really hope it does, the polycarbonate looks bloody awful.
  14. I think it’s fair to say he is injured.
  15. Brave as a lion going in for headers. Great player.
  16. Been disappointing for sure but maybe he is actually injured ?
  17. Thought his passing was very poor today but can’t help but love the guy. Like his attitude, directness and never hides.
  18. Seems to blow hot and cold but he’s bot the only one. Today he was superb.
  19. As had been said plenty times before we need a better midfield, some are far too lightweight and don’t win the personal battles. I honestly feel if we had some REAL steel in there we’d hardly lose a game. Really hope we strengthen here.
  20. Haven’t been able to listen to that lot for years now. Incapable of impartiality.
  21. Good bump! Far too slow and casual. How many times yesterday did he just hump the ball up the park and immediately we lose possession? Fucking pish!!!
  22. Why not? desperare times call for desperate measures.
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