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  1. Depends where from, I work in Denmark they don’t have the QR codes on the ones some of the guys have here, also I’ve got pals in England who have the paper version and it doesn’t have a QR code
  2. Interesting some of the covid vaccine “hard copy templates” that you find online.
  3. My flight has been delayed getting back to England and my old man can’t use it, not sure if it’s possible for someone to head to the ticket office and print it off don’t want it going to waste ??? Don’t want anything for it’ Main Stand Front section. admin move to relevant section
  4. Does anyone know how I can give my ticket away for tonight ?? I’m down England my flight was delayed getting me home today and my old man can’t use it ?? don’t want anything for it it’s my season ticket Main Stand Front if anyone can go a print it off for this game only maybe ???
  5. Collect all the tears from this thread and use them to clean the bus, problem solved.
  6. Ahh well to the people at the turnstiles I don’t have a smart phone so in turn do not have the app. But here’s my “paper document vaccine status” showing I’m double jabbed. Now let me in…. Is that how it’s going to work I take it because the clubs aren’t going to refund however many 100/1000 season tickets. Shambolic.
  7. I work over here mate direct flight to Copenhagen will be your best bet, in regards to entry if your double jabbed you just tell them on arrival 90% of the time they won’t ask to see proof, your the little one will be fine to travel with you without restrictions. all you will need is your negative covid PCR test to fly. As for getting back into the U.K check the latest guidelines at the time
  8. Into these rancid cunts today Rangers ,Morelos to run riot.
  9. Ye it was the one mistake he mate and it cost him but looked solid throughout and has a-bit of pace about him surprising after his injuries.
  10. All aboard the Ange train
  11. Ha ha ha That Souttar had a great game btw
  12. I was sat second front row he was excellent first half looked sharp, he’s solid. Needs to work on his final product tho, from the seat I had you can’t see much on the other side so can’t comment on the second half really
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