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  1. I can log in all okay but the videos I could watch on my old subscription “training videos etc are no longer available even though I still pay the £6 a month.
  2. Posted a few weeks ago about work colleagues who support these rancid fucks phones not working it’s been weeks and still my messages and calls are ignored/not delivered must be something terribly wrong with the phone networks.
  3. He’s got to be at it hahahahaha got the hats and tops made
  4. Yeah someone needs to translate that to Alfie, league winners at that fucking midden, and he climbs the barriers and does the bouncy on every one of them fucking rows that shower of shite sit in
  5. Connor Goldson, Leon Balogun outfucking standing solid. That’s all.
  6. I tell ya the amount of undelivered/ignored messages I’ve had the past few weeks is confusing must have lost signal, funny tho their phones worked just fine last year the rancid fucks. Just wish I was back on the rig with the mutants, they’d have no place to fucking hide.
  7. Hahahahah Mary at the piggery since she was 6 month old
  8. It makes you question are these “people” actually called John fucking Paul. Super fucking Sunday indeed btw.
  9. Haha well said “William” the flags for seats will be back out next season you better fucking believe it.
  10. He was immense tonight them headers he won in the last few mins fucking hero
  11. Wife to be isn’t happy there’s me getting exited about the old firm game week after we get married, how I’ll travel up the weekend after the wedding and it slipped my mind it’s the daughters 6th birthday on the 31st, anyone know if ibrox have a kids play area near by haha
  12. Excellent mate well put Donation Made 👍🏻👏🏻
  13. Said it to my old man when we got him that he’s going to turn into a serious player, Gerrard seen it strait away my MOM today composed as you like in there
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