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  1. Kamara has been excellent tonight btw kept it ticking all game
  2. Same has happened to me what a fuck on
  3. Jack trying to play a through ball over the top is painful to watch. No conviction in it what so ever.
  4. Just landed at Edinburgh airport 80 percent sure it was Kenny McLean I walked past covid masks on only reason I’m doubting myself. could mean anything club wise tbh
  5. Not sure how many watch the training videos but going from it the “one touch” passing drill they do in a circle Bolungun looked sharp as fuck I rewound it to check who it was didn’t misplace a pass once so maybe he’s impressed in training the short time he’s been here.
  6. Big Edmunson solid tonight except that one Cruyf turn Davis was playing in slippers at times as well cruising. Good performance so far. ref’s a wanker
  7. Flight from Manchester to Düsseldorf hotel in Cologne, can’t wait be some trip
  8. I stay down England and last season gave my ticket up for the £5 print off option to whoever could use it & donated the old firm ticket to @govanblue to give to a veteran, then this year the cancelled that option It was a kick in the balls tbh because I was hoping to do that for all the games I can’t make. Clicked the seat sub option but don’t get notified if they even sell it tbh, I’m wondering if there is any other ways of the seat been used when I can’t make it ?
  9. Aribo’s first touch is sublime every time just needs someone on his wavelength with a give and go I feel
  10. Said it all season it’s like he closes his eyes and it just hits his head, as a defender you’d think he would be better with his head, hopefully makes me eat my words this half with a thunderbolt top corner
  11. He was a lot better last night cut inside a few times and made bursting runs forward needs to do this more often. Also has trying to speed things up seems to always take a slow first touch which lets the defender get close.
  12. Can see a mile away why Gerrard probably has Ryan Jack as his first name on the team sheet when fit keeps us ticking constantly
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