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OF results this year



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  1. 1. Who many do we win?

    • Win 4
    • Win 3
    • Win 2
    • Win 1

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4 if they keep Lennon :craphead:

Thing is mate.. they have to? I read today that Dermott was in the stands last night watching his beloved Hoops -- and did not look pleased.

Why is he not happy? Because he knows shellick as a company and going down the f*cking toilet -- and he can;t even afford to get rid of lemon.

btw: Notice how the media talk up 10 wins in a row in the SPL?

I'd like to see Craig Brown take a swing at lemon this w/e Money on Craig to floor the ugly bassa!

Isn't it great being a Bear! WATP!

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How i miss the concept of one game at a time.

We don't even play Celtic for the first time until late October. :anguish:

We all know the concept mate.. and I share it. It IS how you win leagues. How you are successful.

But... All that is happening at moment is:

  • There is a feel good factor with the new signings,
  • We saw the type of Fitba' we want to see -- when Vladimir came on,
  • We have the Battle of Britain
  • We have James Beattie -- for the BOB (Niko has overshadowed the Beatiie capture... but make no mistake, this guy is a quality player -- and man),
  • Kenny is on f*cking fire -- end of there.

So mate... I agree -- and we know how these long / cold seasons pan out...

So how did you vote? lol

Chill bro'

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As long as we stay injury and suspension free when the tattie munchers come rolling our way then we should beat them, perhaps even badly when we play them twice at Ibrox. At pighead it's a different situation because they make the noise that wins them dubious free-kicks and soft penalties the diving bastards although i think we can beat them once at pighead and get a point in the other game.

I just wish we played them sooner, that ginger nugget is gonna get all sorts of abuse when he comes to Ibrox.

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Got to say Bears.. I know it's Friday night.. but winning 4? I'd need to check.. anyone know when we did that last?

Lots of optimism the night!

Checking now loyal!

9 in a row season we gubbed them all four times.

We'll do it again this year.

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9 in a row season we gubbed them all four times.

We'll do it again this year.

I'm with you (tu)

I mind that season I'd bet £50 with a Dim that we would win all four. Having duly won, I met him in the Horse Shoe to collect my dosh. The sad bastard then expected me to hang around and buy him drink with the winnings.

I did not.

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Just a simple poll... How many do we win?

I'm going for 3.

Actually the FIRST 3. The last one will be a draw (at the scumdome) since we will play the under 19's lol!

went for 3 but thats not allowing for any cup ties so 5 would be my guess and 1 draw

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