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jersey colours. Not a fan of


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the black ones. Reason is, I guess im a traditionalist and don't like introducing colour schemes that aren't apart of our Official Colours. I know nowadays its all about marketing and dollars but I feel it is important to not run the risk of losing our identity as a club. We are blue, red and white.

Case in point, I noticed Chelsea on the weekend with black and Orange. If I was a chelsea fan i would be pissed off. Same a few years ago when they wore those neon yellow jerseys because their chairman saw Barcelona wear them and decided to copy them.

Any thoughts?

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each to their own really. as long as our home strip is traditional, i'm not bothered. i think last years third strip (white) and this years third strip are miles better than our second strips over the last few years.

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As Frankie states; the Black with Red trim is the traditional colours of our socks and have been for many years, so I actually like the kit and prefer it to the red/white stripe effort.

I do agree that a (Red)collar would have really made a difference to it and I will get one if I can get it in long sleeves.

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