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The Mighty Liverpool F.C.

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Torres and Gerrard were talking in the dressing room when Hodgson walked in, ''hey boss, have you ever tweeted?'' said Torres. ''yes'' said Hodgson, ''i've just tweeted the Evertonians to a great weekend''

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United Fan

The Scouse boom-bust cycle is really hurtling through the stages this season. By my reckoning we're already well into "It's off!" and on course to hit "Next year is our year" by around Christmas.

Everton Fan

We're just fucked because our season goal is usually "do better than Liverpool" and it's not a very high bar this year.


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Bar Pepe Reina, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres Liverpool are made up of decent, average and poor players. And Torres has not kicked a ball in months and is always injured.

If they manage to finish 8th this season they will be doing well.

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Funny thing is, an edition of Four Four Two has a feature of Liverpool possibly becoming the next Leeds.

Well done to the man who made the article.

This is not going to happen, we need to stop jumping the gun they will no way in hell go down but it could be some time before they are a top 4 team again!

And i dont know why everton fans are laughing, a win away to birmingham isnt exactly a sign that their season is on the way up

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at least United are still in the TOP 3 mate...not the bottom!

United WILL win the league again this year!

Not a chance in hell... Chelsea will win it.. Utd are drawing too many games they should be winning!

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