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Serie B midfielder Piermario Morosini dies after collapsing during game

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Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini has been rushed to a hospital after collapsing during his team's Serie B match at Pescara.

With Livorno 2-0 ahead, Morosini fell to the ground in the 31st minute of the match and received urgent medical attention on the pitch. A defibrillator was also used on the 25-year-old player.

Morosini, who is on loan from Udinese, was then rushed to Pescara's Santo Spirito hospital. Italian news agency Ansa reported that Morosini suffered a heart attack in the ambulance.

The match was called off, with many of the other players leaving the field in tears.

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Is it rue he lost both parents not long ago then his sister.

All Serie A and B games have been suspended by the FIGC after the death of Livorno's Piermario Morosini.

The midfielder, who was owned by Udinese and on loan to Livorno, collapsed 31 minutes into today's Serie B game between Pescara and Livorno.

Medical staff tried to revive him, but the 25-year-old - who would've turned 26 in July - was dead on arrival at the local hospital.

Morosini had a tragic family history, as both his parents died young and his brother was also killed in an accident.

Tragic :(

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It's truly tragic, he was raised an orphan, has 2 disabled brothers, one who died last year, and his sister is very ill. sad.gif

Terrible. Was there a reason his siblings were disabled or just extremely bad luck. Sad family story :(

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SSN saying that reports from Italy are surfacing that the ambulance entrance was blocked by a car :anguish:

also heart scrrenings wont make a difference, the docs treating muamba have said that all the teasts returned negative for any defects etc, his hearts simply decided to stop for unknown reasons

a player can be screened before a game and be fine, then all it could take it a blow to the chest and the resulting damage could cause a heart attack, Souness says in his book that when he was examined by the docs before he got his triple heart bypass, he was told that he had suffered a heart attack as the damage was noticable

He remebers never having one and either him or his doctor says that he may have taken a kick or a blow to the chest and the pain from then on was a slight heart attack that he simply waved away as the pain from the collision

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