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***Champions League Final Thread ***

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Have a feeling Bayern will underestimate Chelski, them and Real were playing it tonight as if that was the final and whoever won the game had essentially won the CL.

Chelsea are doing better now with a new manager, and some players getting on form. Would like to see them win because they were cheated in the semis by Barca last time and were unlucky in the 2008 final.

I also feel as though Bayern didn't deserve their win tonight.

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bit of a flat final for me.

im happy for oth sides, both were written off, and both pulled out excellent performances. Bayern saw more of the ball and outplayed Madrid for most of the tie. Remarkable comabck from 0-2 and 10 men by chelsea.

however, its the 2nd best team in German vs the 5th best in England... so for me, it's hard to really feel inspired by this, just feels like 2 decent european sides on lucky cup runs rather than a legitamte battle for the title of 'kings of europe'. Surely nobody thinks that either of these sides are the best?

ah well, guess it's the nature of cup contests, but i would have been far more enthusiastic of a dream final between barca/real, or even the chelsea vs mourinho scenario would have made for an excellent story and build up.

hope its a good game though.

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Germans look too strong, plus Chelseas only available "centre half" is Sideshow Bob Mad Dave Luiz.

Home advantage too, don't see anything other than a Bayern win.

Badstuber and Alaba will be massive misses for Bayern though, they don't have much depth at the back, bombscare Van Buyten, maybe Tymoschuk, firestarter Breno, if he can even play...And for Alaba's replacement you have mugs like Pranjic or Contento, maybe Rafinha, if Lahm's moved to the left.

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Chelsea win would be amazing.

Both have had shakey results in the last few weeks and Sweinsteiger looks to be carrying an injury so who knows what will happen?

Drogba, Lampard and a few others know this may be their last shot at 'the big one' so hopefully they will have 1 more special night left in them.

Chelsea 2-1.

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