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Alex Thomson targeted for assasination

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While in Syria, he says that the Free Syria Army "deliberately" set him up for killing, saying

" dead jounos are bad for Damascus"

Do we believe him?

Link to follow, follow.......


And I do realise there are 4 s's in assassination.

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Was in Morrisons cafe having breakfast, read about this in Daily Mail & laughed out loud - got many funny looks!

Odd how the story always comes back to him - thought he was meant to be reporting the news, not making it?

Too much hanging around with the serially deluded, methinks!

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The mans a self righteous cunt... Just shows that even the poor Syrian folks are sick to the back teeth of him aswell

Alex Thomson - 'Why do people take an instant dislike to me?'

Syrian guy - 'It saves time....'

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I seriously get angry when I see a thread devoted to this rodent loving muck piece .Why why why does he bother us now .He is sooo unimportant

You have a good point, but it's worth reporting the dunts to his credibility as an 'exposer of the truth behind Rangers' , when another organisation appears to make him just another pawn in their game.

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We will have to distance ourselves from the Syrian Trueblues and have a word with the Syrian Loyal no more ticket allocation for either group

:lol: :lol:

Of all the bullets fired in that country why couldn't 1 hit that turd...oops just found the answer

"Dead journos are bad for Damascus," that rules him out then

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