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Rugby 7s at Ibrox


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Pitch will get replaced after the games. We will be getting a decent amount from it. Im sure we will get any profits from catering etc as it will be at our stadium plus club shop should get a boost in sales. Only commonwealth event im going to.

This. This is a great advertisement for the club. The mhanks are getting the opening ceremony. To not be involved would only serve to suggest that they are the big club in the city and give them exclusive exposure worldwide. You guys that think that the rugby coming to Ibrox, along with thousands of foreign fans and millions more watching on telly, is a bad thing need to open your minds a bit more.

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Second biggest stadium in the city?

Also i'd take issue with the poster who said 'millions' wil lbe watchi9ng the rugby fucknig 7s worldwide :lol:

Nobody gives a shit about the commonwealth games, it's a paltry wee thing. So it's not worth getting angry about the legobrick stadium getting the opening ceremony, it's not worth getting angry about closet homosexuals, its not worth getting angry about the closing ceremony and its not worth worrying about 'exposure'.

Unless you really think the extended families of those competing are a valuable resource to be competing for. Cos they're more or less the only people who will be watching.

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