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The players you most relate to when you are playing football.


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See, I wasn't a great player, my level was intermediate, fairly decent, but a wee bit below the players who could get a wee cash backhander in the Saturday and Sunday leagues.

My usual position was midfield, I had great stamina and could run all day, enjoyed a hard tackle, liked to boss the other players around, decent awareness andt ball control, and passed the ball comfortably. Enjoyed linking with full backs and always looked to get the pass up front in to space ahead of the forward (s). Was brilliant on corners cause I practised a lot. Was also good at winding up the referee a wee bit without getting carded.

Was average on heading, not great on the left foot, poor at dribbling and was rubbish at taking throw ins. Hated playing up front as you'd spend most of the time watching the game and I did n't have the the speed of turn needed.

Would never be a goalkeeper (or referee), as I did not understand the mentality or see what that had to do with playing football....

So the players who I thought I could be like ( :):blush:) were Alex McDonald, Bobby Russell, Rino Gattuso, and nowadays I think the player I was pretending to be could be Nicky Law with a bit of Lewis Mcleod, but more likely Ian Black.

If I had to choose my favourite player I admired and wanted to be it would be Johan Neeskens at Ajax

So which football player (s) do you see yourself as being similar to (and perhaps equalling ;)) on the park ?

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When I was in goals, I am incredibly inconsistent, and prone to absolute howlers. I can occasionally pull of stunning saves though. I also like to charge out of my area and clatter opposition strikers, and I take far too many risks outside the box. I get booked a lot. I would certainly like to be compared to Jorge Campos.

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Kyle Lafferty, I'm a lanky bastard that can take the ball past folk, my finishing is awful on the whole but every now and then I score a fucking screamer.

Often played with players upfront like that, they seemed to have such natural talent, just not the consistency to move up a level. Could never figure why they could not get the consistency as in 5 a sides and kickabouts they were usually brilliant.

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