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RST writes to the SFA


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Are we as easily offended as 'them'?

Surely not!

Concerned about bias attitude against us by the ruling authority, rather than offended, if they replied as suggested.

I struggle to believe they'd be that stupid though, so I'd like to see it.

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Seem to recall Hugh Dallas losing his job for something similar.

The question is, by replying to such a comment as if it were reasonable are you endorsing/validifying it the same in the same way as if you forwarded an email containing something which could also be regarded as offensive? (bearing in mind the former is not intended as a joke and the latter was)

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The RST has written to the Scottish FA to ask for clarification as to why their official account responded to a tweet calling Rangers 'H*n bastards'. We have also stated that we believe a full public apology to the Rangers support is required. We await a response.

The VB did it before you

Just saying

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That's shocking, there's no excuse for that at all.

By responding to the offensive tweet they've validated/sanctioned it as acceptable to refer to us in that manner.

Even 10 years ago that would be offensive, but in today's Scotland where jail time is a very real possibility for online posts/tweets etc, it's frankly astounding.

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Mr McNab is entirely correct in his use of the word "h**" as the sfa is a subsidary of liewell's office, as the more erudite are aware the mockits are the "h**" they even had a pope to prove it...if it ever needed proving.


Celtic fans Nazi shame

September 1941, the S.F.A. announced that Celtic Park was to be closed until October 17th 1941 following an Old Firm game at Ibrox. Celtic fans had fought amongst themselves and with the police, threw bottles at the police and onto the trackside, displayed a German flag and indulged in pro-Nazi chants. A front-page Evening Times headline on 6th September 1941 read 6th September read:


The following day’s paper featured a letter from a member of the public who noticed the contrast in front page articles where one focussed on Russia's fight in WWII and the other on "those hooligans who bring such a disgrace to our city and our national sport."

He continued, "Here, on one side, was a country fighting so valiantly in its own towns and streets not only its own battle but ours as well, and fighting regardless of creed or anything else. On the other hand, we have citizens of this country, allied to another, fighting among themselves all over a game of football."

On the same day, Sir Patrick Dolan Lord Provost of Glasgow, said, "It is shameful that Glasgow's great contribution to the war effort should be impaired by a few hooligans who seem to be more concerned about their club winning than that Britain should defeat Hitler in the struggle for a better world."


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