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Was just listening to the phone-in...

One guy (Scott, I think) came on with a great point about how video evidence should not be used in football and it was one of the only sensible calls I had heard on the show... in months... maybe ever...(!)

I did not know who his team was but then he wanted to know about Celtic massaging attendance figures and I realised he was a fellow Bear. This somewhat sullied the call as it was slight whataboutery.

McAvennie claimed that when he played Ibrox and Parkhead were always full and never had he seen a part of any stadium closed down before.

The next caller came on saying he wanted to also talk about video evidence and 'refs...' But first claimed that he knows "Rangers started diddling attendances before Celtic did."

He then got to his 'point' and alleged that Andrew Dallas is basically now a referee so that he can follow in his father's footsteps by giving Rangers a leg-up!

He claimed that Bell took the Brechin player out of the game and Hugh Keevins had a good laugh at him before asking Frank McAvennie his opinion. McAvennie called it 'no penalty' and this really seemed to upset wee Timmy on the line...

Thus, he started saying that Parkhead was never full when McAvennie played and so "'Macca' couldnae be trusted to give an opinion..." Then came the cherry-on-top as he ended his ramblings by segueing into the most bitter, seething, childish rant of basically: "Ha-ha Rangers, ha ha hee... I'm laughing at yooz..." Truly pathetic.

Another great laugh supplied by the great uneducated.

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Honestly embarrassed I share a city with the cunts.

I heard a caller on it earlier saying that "Rangers cannae afford to pay ra polis, their screwing money off the polis cause they cannae afford it and huv hid tae move the under 20s game against sellic tae Murray park so ra polis don't need tae polis it"

Unbelievable. When asked, he replied he seen it on Facebook doh

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