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Match Official To Be Spoken To Over Rangers Leak


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I'd go after the little Tarrier rodent who broke the story as well.

Banning's too good for Bicycle-Helmet Heid.............it's a good (metaphorical, officer) kick on the arse he needs.

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A MATCH official at the centre of a row over leaking details of sectarian singing by Rangers fans is to be spoken to by Scottish football officials as a row over alleged BBC bias against the Ibrox club continues to rumble.

The Scottish Professional Football League has confirmed that it is looking into how details of alleged sectarian chanting was passed to a BBC journalist by a match delegate after Rangers recent Petrofac Cup victory over Hibs.

The resulting coverage was the catalyst for the club to tell BBC senior sports reporter Chris McLaughlin to stay away.

The club is understood to have made claims about continued misleading and unbalanced reports.

The BBC has since refused to send staff to Ibrox until the ban is lifted and has insisted there is no bias in the way it reports on Rangers.

That boycott remains in place as there remains an impasse between the club and the BBC over Mr McLaughlin's ban.

The Rangers Supporters Trust which has lodged a complaint about the details from the match delegate's report being passed on says it had been confirmed this breached the guidelines of the Scottish Professional Football League.

It is expected to meet with Scottish football officials to discuss how to "ensure that Rangers fans are treated in the same manner as other supporters in future games".

A spokesperson for the SPFL said: We understand a match delegate may have given information, which was to be included in their report, to a journalist following the recent Petrofac Training Cup tie between Rangers and Hibernian. Although this does not breach any formal rules, delegates are requested not to engage is such activity and we will be addressing the incident with the delegate in question.

Mr McLaughlin had tweeted that details of sectarian singing and the use of a flare had been made in the delegate's report.

He tweeted: "Three fans from Rangers end arrested for sectarian singing during the win over Hibs. Also makes delegate's report as does use of flare."

He added: "Info reported was offered to me by match delegate after the game. I checked with cops before tweet.

"I always ask delegate after games if any problems. I would have reported exactly the same way if it was any other club."

RST's complaint says: "What we seek is for Rangers and more specifically Rangers fans to be treated in the same manner by the SPFL as other clubs in Scotland. It is quite clear in this instance that this has not been the case.

They added: "Also, what steps will be taken to ensure that journalists seeking to create negative stories about Rangers in the future are not given assistance in doing so by representatives of the SPFL."

The supporters group say they have now been offered a clear-the-air meeting with the SPFL which it wants to arrange.

Three men were charged with singing sectarian songs at the match and Police Scotland said a total of six arrests were made.

The three men, aged 20, 30 and 39 were charged under the controversial Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.

A 43-year-old man was charged with anti-social behaviour, a 17-year-old boy was charged after a smoke bomb was set off in the stadium and a 22-year-old man was charged after damage to a stadium seat.

A seventh person was charged with allowing alcohol to be consumed on a public supporters coach attending the match.

The BBC is baffled at the fuss over the match official leak.

"Chris as a trackside reporter and would regularly see the match delegate. The information was given to him, he was a reporter, he acted upon it, it was in the public interest and it was accurate," said a BBC source. "He was just doing his job.

"If he were to ignore what he was told, he would be accused by the other side that he was given stuff and did nothing about it.

"We would reject any suggestion that Chris went out to get a negative story. He didn't just write about the arrests, there needs to be some sort of perspective."

Some Rangers fans have lodged complaints with the BBC and the communications regulator Ofcom over the BBC boycott saying that it was indicative of a continued bias against the club.

The boycott is expected to continue on Friday with Rangers' Ladbrokes Championship game against St Mirren and a match against Hibernian on August 23.

Rangers has previously said its concerns with coverage came to a head after a BBC report 'unfairly focused' on the arrest of Rangers fans after the clubs 6-2 win over Hibs.

Two years ago, Rangers banned BBC journalists Chris McLaughlin and Chick Young from the club's stadium and training ground after the broadcaster revealed a leaked document which indicated a plot to sack manager Ally McCoist.

In July 2011, the Beeb were banned and later issued an apology to McCoist over their reporting of his views on football violence and sectarianism.

A second ban came three months later over their documentary Rangers The Inside Story about Craig Whytes disastrous club takeover.

In September, 2012, the BBC infuriated the club again with a spoof of the American TV drama Mad Men depicting McCoist falling from a building.

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Fuck BBC Scotland.

The Club should make a statement to the effect that this ban isn't temporary - it will last throughout the entire 2015-16 season and will NOT be looked at until BBC Scotland produces a written apology.

The chances of that happening at Tarrier Quay are slimmer than a Bobby Shite-covered-Provo coffin.

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Good though this is, I don't think enough focus is being put on the BBC's editorial team. They're getting away with talking about McLauchlin right now, and not the institutional decisions that always seem to be made to present Rangers in the worst light and to treat Rangers differently to other clubs.

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Good though this is, I don't think enough focus is being put on the BBC's editorial team. They're getting away with talking about McLauchlin right now, and not the institutional decisions that always seem to be made to present Rangers in the worst light and to treat Rangers differently to other clubs.

Your right!, it's very clear that the constant bias news story's about rangers are getting by passed by the editorial department and going straight to print , it's time for it to stop and this is a small step towards this.
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They really are at it talking about perspective. It really should read:

'we have been told by uncle Peter not to say nasty things about anyone but the big bad Rangers. As forelock tugging acolytes of the only club ever to have been formed on a sectarian premise we feel compelled to defend Gollum, err sorry Chris, as he was only following orders. We will continue to make half witted statements like this until we are finally found out by our bosses in London. Considering how long they let Jim Fix it for himself we will be living off our pensions (paid for by you) long before that happens. Yours the Pacific Quay CSC, err sorry BBC Scotland.'

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Best form of defence for us is attack this biased mob at every negative spin "story" about us. I would include the Record in this re the "story" today of the St Mirren/Leeds fan, who was pictured also with Rangers fans, I mean, how fuckin desperate are they to paint us in a bad light if being pictured with some Rangers supporters is in some way inappropriate?

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See if the RST stuck to pushing to get this kind of thing to the forefront then they would get a hell of a lot more praise and backing.

IM no fan of the RST but they've been doing the business as of late

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Credit is due to the RST for this, I was a quiet skeptic for a long time (ex-member, left for reasons it does no good to go over). I've been impressed with some of the recent stuff they've done, it seems like you guys are clawing back your reputation, which I'm sure you'll agree could do with some repairing. I hope you continue, I'm a believer in moving on from where we are now, not obsessing over things that went wrong and can't be changed.

Good work on this, keep it up (tu)

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Well done to the RST for pushing this. For the BBC to say "He didn't just write about the arrests, there needs to be some sort of perspective." they knew damn well what they were up to. Rather than report on an exciting game of free flowing football they would deliberately chose to report on what was really a non story about minor arrests at a football match.

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