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Rookie gaffer Ian Cathro is a huge gamble for Hearts

His inexperience is a major flaw and something which makes his imminent appointment at Tynecastle a major surprise

HE’S probably not been this excited since FIFA 17 came out on PlayStation.

But Ian Cathro is about to find out what football’s like in the real world.

No harm to the guy set to be named as Hearts boss.

I was on the same Pro Licence course as Cathro, and he’s definitely obsessed with coaching.

He’s one of the up-and-coming, modern-era coaches who can organise a session just by flicking open his laptop.

There isn’t a session out there he couldn’t get on to his Macbook. But setting up a presentation to a group of players is all well and good.

That does not require man management skills, which is part of the game he knows absolutely nothing about.

Time will tell if I’m wrong on that. But if I was a Jambo I’d be worried.

For me the practical stuff involved in coaching is easy — it’s dealing with highly-charged players that’s the hard part.

And for me Cathro is way, way out of his depth.

Put it this way, even though Robbie Neilson was someone who’d had a playing career before taking that job, Craig Levein would still send scribbled messages to him on scraps of paper during matches.

Well, Levein better sharpen his pencil because his boy is going to need all the help he could get when he’s standing in that dugout.

I’m not sure he’s got the character to be able to handle players yet.

I know his CV looks good. There are some glamourous names on there and he’s worked with some top people. I can’t imagine Rafa Benitez suffers fools gladly but I’d question how much actual involvement Cathro had at Newcastle.

I know for a fact he was the man who did the analysis on the opposition, and did a presentation to the squad.

I don’t think for one minute he just lays out cones and hands out bibs but after that?

I don’t see him as a dominant figure and someone who can tell it straight to players before, during or after matches.

I fear for him when he has a 30-something seasoned pro asking him why he’s not in the team.

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should not be a huge risk with Levein supporting him. Its probably a good move for cathro at this time as well. Hearts are not struggling, they are not going to get relegated, he doesn't need instant success and to finish 3rd in the league would be considered ideal for them. Where is the risk?

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The question is basically over his ability to handle real pressure as a football manager. 

Him and Austin MacPhee will make a good pairing, like Boyd said using analytics on a laptop. Whether he can hack it in the real footballing world remains to be seen. I remember listening to MacPhee on the way back from a Rangers game and he does seem extremely articulate and well spoken. So he'll give him a bit of help but its a massive turn around from the way Neilson played football thats for sure.

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4 hours ago, Essandoh said:

Would've much preferred him being appointed after our game at Ibrox. Teams with new managers have a strong tendency to win on their debut games.

We do not not lose many at Ibrox it's our away form and the draws that kill us.

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9 minutes ago, Smile said:

We do not not lose many at Ibrox it's our away form and the draws that kill us.

Oh, I realise that. Didn't really make that clear. As you said, no point in beating Hearts if we go to Hamilton and draw.

Our away record under Warburton is pretty abysmal to say the least.

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Jealous :lol: 

People use what he done as assistant at Valencia to talk him up. So it's equally as fair to use what he done as assistant at Newcastle last season to rate him? We all know how that ended up. 

Face it, Cathro is a risk only a club like Hearts can afford to take, no 'top' club is going near him with a barge pole. 

Let's see how he copes with Levein breathing down his neck dictating his signings etc

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