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Argyle Suite Hospitality


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20 hours ago, rfc1990 said:

Doing hospitality in the Argyle Suite next month for the Hearts game. The dress code is 'smart casual', struggling to figure out what to wear. Anyone on here been in there for hospitality before? What did you wear? 

Most people still suit up.  Jeans and polo or smart T-shirt with nice trainers is fine too.  I deliberately choose the smart casual suites when I want to avoid suiting up.  If you are wearing a suit then go to club cooper or the legends lounge or something as they are a much better service / food and usually seats. 

The only thing you are ironically not allowed to wear to the football in the suites is your football colours.

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This question reminds me of the old days of choosing whether to stand on the terraces or sit in the stands.

Anyone who wanted the best atmosphere had to be the terrace, soaking up the adrenalin, the banter, the songs, the cameraderie, the stands were for the older more sophisticated  fan,, who could observe all this and politely discuss with their immediate neighbour, and even clap their hands when the terracing choir got singing.

Real life at the game is down in the pits, on top of the action, breathing in the atmosphere, geeing up the players, in the faces of the opponents (and ref).

A decent meal and a few drinks in a bit of space no compensation for the real thing. 

Saying that I'm sure as a one off experience could be decent, but definately not in a big game.


Edit: Just a wee add-on. In my day a decent breakfast, a decent bevvy before the game, a carry out to carry in to the match, half an hour of preliminary banter, with an option on a macaroon bar or spearmint chewing gum, then 90 minutes of football, and a fish or  blackpudding supper on the way home from a Partick or Cessnock chippie, was the ultimate event and  dining experience.

Edit, Edit: And formal dress code in the Copland Road terrace was short sleeve t shirt (even in winter), flared trousers, big shoes, a big silk or woolen knitted Gers scarf, and if you felt cold, a blue white and red knitted tammy. 

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