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10,000th league goal


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2 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

The official site says was 10,000th goal. So that 9000 must be wrong?

I don't know thought it was a bit quick for 1000 goals - 5 years when the previous 1000's have taken circa 12 years. Hopefully somebody can clarify things for us. 

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A quick look online gets you all the players that scored the 1000,2000,3000 etc right up to Lee McCulloch in 2014 scoring the 9000. The amount of years between each 1000  works out roughly about 13 years or so. 5 Years to get the next 1000 does seem a short time.

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1 hour ago, MisterC said:

I'm sure Tom Miller said the 10000 figure involved wartime league games so it's not the most official of statistics shall we say

If that’s what he said delete this thread.  We don’t count our goals while men where dying fighting for our country. 

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