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  1. Do they have a Prague branch?
  2. If anyone knows of any in Prague that would also be helpful /highjackthreadbelm
  3. Put most of my money on Rangers to win. Celtic H/T Rangers FT is 40/1 Skybet - worth a tenner.
  4. It's come a long way in the last 5 years Not sure how this would be implemented in a stadium. Aside from the fact it is a terrible idea (as is the legislation).
  5. MisterC
  6. Any streams?
  7. Sack the manager!
  8. Candlelit vigil is the only logical step
  9. Worth a fiver
  10. Tavernier to score both halves - 28/1 @ Skybet.
  11. To be fair our corners into the box over the last few seasons have been terrible!
  12. Tav first goal, 4-1 end result: 50/1 Skybet. Edit: 100/1 even
  13. There's only about 12 of them turning up, you'd have to be standing next to them to hear them!