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  1. Do the manks do anything original? They copy YNWA from Liverpool, the Polish Poznan now the Icelandic clap, I'm sure there's plenty more... gimme peace and come up with something original you clatty pewdos.. 😄😄😄
  2. Michael Jackson
  3. You kidding right?
  4. Would like to see him paired with Holt.
  5. Should have said, "you can buy on a per game basis" (a bit more £) considering we're on BT & SKY  a lot this month ....... "It's all about the Rangers"

    Some fans even set up for accounts as though they are living outside the UK !? (Not up on that, but search back some RTV threads, lots of discussion & input on this from time to time)

  6. Does it work with a VPN if you are in the UK?
  7. Isn't Gers TV games delayed 30 mins or so?
  8. I honestly don't know where I got d@d from lmfao
  9. That highly bigoted and offensive. Seen folk jailed for less. Shop him. ;-)
  10. No mention of this in MW interview.. Hmmm
  11. Touch can be a bit heavy at times. Fine up front but in the middle of the park under pressure no.
  12. Pointless thread, stripping titles is proposterous and won't happen. No offense.
  13. Tell your mate to google echo..