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  1. How many games til the league is d@d?

    I honestly don't know where I got d@d from lmfao
  2. Mekhi Leacock-Mcleod

    No mention of this in MW interview.. Hmmm
  3. A Few Brief Points

    Touch can be a bit heavy at times. Fine up front but in the middle of the park under pressure no.
  4. Pointless thread, stripping titles is proposterous and won't happen. No offense.
  5. As Its Hallowe'en....

    Tell your mate to google echo..
  6. Mark Warburton On Scouting Team

    How does a scouting system work. Scouts take in games, recommend a player and that manager then watched video's or goes to watch the player? Under McCoist and perhaps some previous managers, although we had no scouting network in place, would it be safe to say players were bought without the manager even seeing them play?
  7. Goals From Today

    Thanks for posting these. Really appreciate it.
  8. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    While I'm all for occasional tricks and skills. I thought we dribbled far to much at times when a sharp pass was the better option.
  9. Defence Tonight

    Surprised at just how slow Danny Wilson was for the first. I thought he was quick too.
  10. Stevie May

    Nae twisted panties here. Just like things to be easier and efficient. I probably have some mild OCD forum issues lol. If there was a rumour then fair enough. Apologies fellas.
  11. Mono-Paced

    Who are you to decide where people post? 😀
  12. Big Vuckic..

  13. Stevie May

    I'm deciding nothing wee man. Admin made a suggestions thread for this type of "suggestion" for a reason. Everytime I click in here I think oh maybe there's something in this when there's clearly not. It's a bit of a waste of time when it's a non story.