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  1. Not just our team, but the players Milan are bringing along
  2. Penalty and red for Stekelenburg, fucking in there
  3. Roma 4-3-3: Stekelenburg; Taddei, Juan, Heinze, Jose Angel; Simplicio, De Rossi, Pjanic; Borini, Totti, Lamela Bench: Lobont, Rosi, Kjaer, Marquinho, Greco, Bojan, Piscitella Lazio 4-2-3-1: Marchetti; Scaloni, Biava, Dias, Garrido; Ledesma, Matuzalem; Gonzalez, Hernanes, Mauri; Klose Bench: Bizzarri, Diakitè, Sbraga, Candreva, Zampa, Alfaro, Kozak
  4. I read a book once from a Dutch guy who lived in Napels when they were in Serie C, B and during their promotion to Serie A. Let's just say that nobody likes flares dropping on their head djw: Feeling confident for this weekend ? I know I am
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