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  1. pre social media, good times
  2. scum tims taking liberties when no one around... there is a shock
  3. scumbag, no just this season, many others tainted due to the coercion to ensure a playing field geared for one club and one club only
  4. Know where you are, were usually in Applewood court, turn right, right again onto tolls, love the area
  5. We always stay just off East Osceola, literally 1 minute away to turn onto turnpike to head straight up to Universal, great location
  6. please be something that nails them bang to rights
  7. East enclosure that day, Stadium bar before, offerings of £100s for ticket, not a chance... what a day
  8. which 2 would play wide though.....😁
  9. nope, you just teasing there...… 😀
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