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  1. Fantastic, want that twat getting mullered from 50,000 of us and the team
  2. Billy Bowie said: “Kilmarnock FC is a family club and we want to make sure Rugby Park is an enjoyable and safe environment for people to enjoy watching football. As promised, we have worked with and listened to feedback from our leading supporters’ groups in a real effort to encourage and inspire the next generation of Killie fans. “After the game we’re encouraging all Killie fans to stay in the stadium and watch one of the most memorable Killie teams in recent memory complete their traditional lap of honour complete with a few words from our manager Steve Clarke.” A date for the start of home tickets sales will be announced in due course. that could be interesting if our boys and girls stay in the ground also.....😂
  3. blueballss

    Ibrox Tour

    being honest, I screamed like a nutter, running around like a daftie!!! I played at a decent level when younger and had played against us when younger in youth and reserve games but if im honest, nothing will take that moment away!!
  4. blueballss

    Ibrox Tour

    had the pleasure mate as well playing on the pitch, luckily I rifled one into the top corner at the Broomloan end, think it was 2006 in May, it was through a competition play on the park. Doddie and Hateley were the managers of the teams, great day
  5. Graham Roberts Peter Huistra
  6. Bryson DeChambeau, Marc Leishman and Charley Hoffman will be the carriers of my 50p e/w bets😁
  7. Might still pass a medical for us... 😁 Honestly though that's brutal
  8. love the RFC on Katic waistcoat..😁
  9. http://www.thejuniors.info/2015/11/norrie-fulton/
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