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  1. League decider 1991, my memory may be playing tricks but we had players injured trying to end game, couple of injuries during it, boys just covering all positions....or that's my take it on 😁😁🍻🍻
  2. getting trained by the guy who trained Rocky before his fight in Rocky IV
  3. Zoomer alert, given the pain and suffering this horrible club have inflicted on innocent individuals, that takes some balls. Please love us!!, we will have another taig paper run stating how important they are to the economy. Im sure they will receive plenty financial assistance from the powers that be to continue re-developing their midden and beyond.
  4. they will score a barrow load on Saturday and everyone will be worth £30 million
  5. Wonder how Corbyn will react to the defeat? im sure he was just travelling to Glasgow tonight and got invited? surely?
  6. awaiting headlines now about big, bad Rangers...………………………………………………..
  7. literally is, I just tuned in at end of game, they couldn't even muster a sentence, unbiased as ever!!!
  8. Continued with the good work he has been delivering on a regular basis. Yes he is not going to play the killer pass regularly, something that people appear to believe is his role in the team. His game is about being in the right place to break up play and get back possession asap. There is no-one currently in this tin pot league who can match him on his day, obviously with this said, he will be a guarantee starter for the national team!!
  9. Absolutely tragic, thinking of you and your family, RIP Andrew
  10. Head is bumping but let's do this!! Time to lay down marker for season at home
  11. blueballss


    Certainly starting to show his qualities. With the signings made at CB, it looked like he would be the one to drop out but performances like that justify the gaffers need to have healthy/quality competition for places. Big man currently is a shoe in at the moment.
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