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  1. been looking online, have the tours been stopped at the current time due to the renovations?
  2. off licence will have a field day around hampdump tonight, cheer up Steve!!
  3. looked at it and thought it could be tough for them , bstards
  4. Amazing work, respect to the time and effort you put in, I'm sure it is appreciated
  5. wish I could have, distance too much, have fun everyone
  6. blueballss


    6 points lost there with him marshalling the defence...…
  7. i thought i remembered something back from then, if i remember there was talk of him going abroad to lessen the impact then come to us haha!! imagine what social media would have been like then
  8. 13 less yellow cards 5 less sent off aye right ya mutant Joe, corrupt to the core, what a deluded tramp you are, but hey why let facts get in the way of agendas
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