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  1. Got my black training top today, happy bear
  2. this... expect them to run about, and tackle everything in sight
  3. Love that documentary, loads of anecdotes to ponder over, the genius that was Clough, how he never got the England job is mind boggling, there is the ending with MON when Cannavaro and Viera think he wasn't even a footballer and he has two European cup winners medals to their none between them... still a bastard and despise him but put the fancy dans in their place
  4. McQueen used to attend the Rangers player of the years get togethers for supporters clubs late 80s/90s, defo a bear. Just had a flashback when Dale Gordon turned up to one and he had his own security with him😂 Burns was a mad man, hard as nails, took no shit, when men were men they gave it an took it
  5. infiltration at the highest level of political and religious hierarchy, damning that a perceived all encompassing society allows heinous crimes to be normalised
  6. What a night, I doff my cap to all the bears and bearers last night, my voice is hoarse and I'm shattered, the atmosphere and respect last night was fitting.
  7. I mind Fernando shutting up them singing that shite at their midden with a beautiful goal!!
  8. Brutal news, rest easy Fernando
  9. Just in from game, struggle but 3 points. Just wondering why Gerrard is not demanding we take a feckin shot from outside the box, pass from side to side was tiresome today
  10. freeing up the wages
  11. How fuckin inept are we today, they are shite but unfortunately today, were worse
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