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  1. Club will no be happy, leaked out
  2. top has gone, thanks to a fellow bear
  3. i know but he is a gym freak at the moment, that will soon wear off as he gets older!!
  4. ok, ok, im a Large..... #fatshamed
  5. would have kept it for myself as a second top ...but im a medium.......
  6. Right, so my son no wanting his home top. I cant be arsed sending it back etc, and given just now it is a bit pricey and money is tight, its a wee bargain for someone? if so pm me. Cost £65 with delivery, its an adult size Small still in packing for £35, that will include me sending it. If anyone interested, i would prefer payment through paypal so half price new top and no its no fake haha or tampered ( pardon the pun) by any undesirables
  7. Mine have arrived safe and well, no issues with the packages etc. Gave my son his, said he is no wanting it now as he will wait on a training top ffs, fuck having to send it back
  8. because i can sit on my fat arse, watch tv and watch my driveway...
  9. mine meant to be here between 5-9pm tonight, will be ensuring no-one leaving anything at my door without me seeing it first
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