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  1. blueballss

    Humza Yousaf

    everything that is wrong with this country at the current time rolled into that
  2. blueballss

    Jakey Clark outburst

    It would be interesting to know how Boyd feels about this outburst. If he feels that his manager has not supported him publicly, will that have a negative impact in the dressing room? As others have said, he is pandering to the dark side with a view I feel as well, to manoeuvre a move away.... But to where? If for any reason he ends up at the theatre of screams, will there be a brave enough journalist πŸ˜‚ to remind him of his meltdown? And the obvious suffering and trauma he is bringing on his family.......... 😁 😁
  3. blueballss


    Source.................... https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/newsid=2469058.html but yir purre deid.... 😁
  4. blueballss


    Most titles in total in European championships 54 Rangers (Scotland) 52 Linfield (Northern Ireland) 49 celtic (Scotland) 44 Olympiacos (Greece) 36 Benfica (Portugal) 34 Juventus (Italy) 34 Anderlecht (Belgium) 33 Ajax (Netherlands) 33 Sparta Praha (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) 33 Real Madrid (Spain) 32 Rapid Wien (Austria) – also won a unified German title in 1941 31 CSKA Sofia (Bulgaria)
  5. blueballss


    Longest other current runs 7 Juventus (Italy) 2011/12– 7 celtic (Scotland) 2011/12– (Scottish record is 9 held by both celtic and Rangers) 7 Ludogorets Razgrad (Bulgaria) 2011/12– 7 The New Saints (Wales) 2011/12– 6 APOEL (Cyprus) 2012/13– 6 Bayern MΓΌnchen (Germany) 2012/13– 5 Salzburg (Austria) 2013/14– 5 Qarabağ (Azerbaijan) 2013/14–
  6. blueballss


    dispels the myth, still those rhats are never getting to double figures Most consecutive titles in European championships 14 Lincoln (Gibraltar) 2002/03–2015/16 14 Skonto (Latvia) 1991–2004 13 BATE Borisov (Belarus) 2006– 13 Rosenborg (Norway) 1992–2004 11 Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) 2005/06–2015/16 10 Dinamo Tbilisi (Georgia) 1990–1999 10 Dynamo Berlin (East Germany) 1978/79–1987/88 10 MTK Budapest (Hungary) 1914, 1917–1925 10 Pyunik (Armenia) 2001–2010 10 Sheriff (Moldova) 2001–2010
  7. hopefully that clock is ticking and the victims in this sordid and despicable story receive the justice they deserve
  8. blueballss

    Scottish Cup Draw

    if going to do this, its gonna be the hard way!!
  9. blueballss

    The Media Agenda

    The club you play for were also allegedly involved in match fixing 3rd May 1986 ring any bells....
  10. blueballss

    First Rangers game you attended?

    7 March 1981 SCQF Hibernian H 3–1 26,345 Russell, McAdam, MacDonald
  11. blueballss

    What's your team for tomorrow

    Depends if the compliance officer is having a late night at work or not
  12. blueballss

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

  13. blueballss

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Feck you mcinnes
  14. blueballss

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Get it rite up ya