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  1. They are pretty distinctive, can’t be making a mistake like that!
  2. Nooo I’m quite content mate Iv stayed in the hotel before it’s less than a ten second walk to getting my hole in the morning
  3. Hotel prices in Amsterdam are pretty hefty for that week, managed to get a two man room in a 1* hotel for two nights £270
  4. Same boat as me just going to stay in Amsterdam for a few nights, will be a decent crack
  5. Michael Mols what a guy man met him at Glasgow airport when I was flying to Amsterdam, defo would have given him a handjob but he turned it down
  6. Sound mate, Amsterdam watch out!
  7. Any expected numbers to be in Amsterdam?
  8. @ronniescu depends how many fingers you use pal
  9. I’m flying from Luton Thursday 10am for £50 then return Saturday at 7pm for £35 not sure what prices between LTN and Glasgow are though
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