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  1. That’s what the first F is for pal
  2. I’m predicting that I’m going to be absolutely pished for this one. €2 for a bottle of import beer in braga sounds good to me!
  3. Guys an utter dildo always has been always will be, the rematch will be the exact same outcome as the second fight, if he wants to win he needs to change and become a better boxer, and that simply ain’t going to happen
  4. Reading braga have made 9 changes to the line up this evening from Thursday
  5. He’s shite he couldn’t possibly change his style, he’s a shite boxer infact Imo there’s no words to describe how bad of a boxer he is, he literally only has freakish knock out power and that’s absolutely it. he got lucky to even be in this position for a second fight, look at his reaction at the final bell of the first fight he knows he’s beaten then look at his reaction when the draw is announced he laughs and knows he’s got away incredibly lucky
  6. Wilder does not want that heat again
  7. Fair play to wilder 1. for taking the fight on, no ducking, best fighting the best 2. He was dominated from round 1, took a lot of punishment and still hung there for a while fair enough his corner threw the towel in but you have to assume the ref would have stopped it at the same time wilder was being unloaded on without return, probably would have been stopped sooner but throwing back and the clinic saved him
  8. Buzzing, world class performance was still always scared of that range and a bomb coming
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