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  1. Do I have to buy that mygers membership to go on the waiting list? I went on the waiting list during last years pre season but reading some of these comments I’m assuming that waiting list might no longer be valid ?
  2. Same bud, clearly has the potential to go far, and maybe turn a nice profit when he moves on.
  3. Not actually much to read because I ain’t paying for the article but it seems like a deal has been agreed
  4. Hopefully the second half is a bit better
  5. I can see your logic William
  6. Tav cant defend btw, and I want a defender that can defend.... fwiw imo
  7. Wasn’t expecting square go’s in the bears den tbh love to see it
  8. Looks like an upside down chicken drum stick with not much meat on it tbh
  9. I genuinely didn’t even know how to reply to that, seriously wtf😆
  10. 1000 is fuck all in reality, but please accept my deepest apologies.
  11. I know but it’s good to kid yourself on ain’t it
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