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  1. Need to keep it tight and solid now 3 away goals will do us well going back to ibrox but this is pretty shakey at the minute don’t want to concede again!
  2. Someone already said it in here, Rangers could play on a council pitch, I’d still be there, no surrender
  3. Just relaying what was said by someone who works in a decent position at the club...
  4. I dont remember writing this i was pished But anyway., im sure MH said the copland and broomloan roofs where originally designed to easily come off and be put back on again with expansion in mind for those stands.
  5. At an evening with Mark Hateley a few months back he said that the roofs of the copland and broomloan can be lifted off to increase capacity then put back on but would only be considered once at least a couple of seasons of qualifying for the champions league
  6. Shut up ye raging jobby sniffer I’m posting something I came across
  7. Article on Scottish sun saying we are now entering in at round 2? ABERDEEN and Kilmarnock will discover their Europa League qualifying opponents across two days. The seeded Premiership duo will be in the hat for the first round draw on June 18. REUTERS Rangers will aim to reach the group stages for the second year in a row REUTERS Aberdeen nearly knocked out Burnley last year Rangers will enter in the second round after celtic denied Hearts a European place by winning the Scottish Cup final. The draw for both qualifying rounds was originally pencilled to take place on Wednesday June 19.
  8. Few more like the one posted earlier, mixed feelings about it really but hey ho
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