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  1. MattyBlue

    Morelos bid

  2. MattyBlue

    could we sign Tavares

    DIdnt teally rate any of there players tbh barring the keeper was quite commanding. Clearly a squad and club on the decline
  3. MattyBlue

    Rangers related picture thread

  4. MattyBlue


  5. MattyBlue

    Mr Gerrard

  6. MattyBlue

    The Rangers Are Back

    Battling for 90 mins in a hard fought game away after the Thursday away in Russia And getting a draw or a narrow 1-0 loss would be a hell of an improvement on last year! That’s my predictions for the very worst scenario anyway, there’s no way we will be toyed with and pushed around like wee fannies losing 5-0!
  7. MattyBlue


    Second best penalty at Ibrox
  8. MattyBlue

    Mr Gerrard

    Mate believe me! The Mrs holding me to it aswell! Will be a very small price to pay if we can land that title this year! I’m 26 don’t have any interest in tattoos my Mrs has a fair few and I’m all for them aswell think sleeves and stuff all look cool as fuck on people but Iv never been interested for myself. Always said it would have to be something super personal and a real major thing in my life to get one related to that.
  9. MattyBlue

    Mr Gerrard

    Meant to say on the inside of my forearm
  10. MattyBlue

    Mr Gerrard

    If we win 55 this season I will one million percent get my first tattoo. Full body portrait of him in suit & tie, Brown brogues raising the SPL title
  11. MattyBlue

    Gerrard and Halliday Post Match Interviews

    100%, Basically relying on Klopp being successful at Liverpool for as long as possible me thinks
  12. 7-0 Rangers, and if it’s not this game, someone this season is getting pumped 7-0.