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  1. Tbf most probably didn’t realise tav wasn’t the designated penalty taker today, so I take my criticism back.
  2. Fucking gutted bro honestly feel sick to my stomach we shouldn’t have scudded them cunts something rotten no excuses in the league now there’s nothing in it we can definitely go toe to toe with them they know fine well they got lucky today
  3. MattyBlue


    We still had enough chances to win the game in 90 min
  4. MattyBlue


    Here if it was then fair fucks to tav I didn’t realise it was
  5. MattyBlue


    Fuck blaming refs today im not one to jump on tavs back but giving up a pen against celtic in a cup final is fucking criminal summed up the mentality but aside from that they had 1 fucking shot on target and that’s the difference even if it was offside can’t blame the Lino cos it was right as fuck cannot blame the lino Hoachy poachy fenian cunts doing what they do but like I said above you have to take your chances and we had 20+ million
  6. Hope we keep creating these chances second half septic are fucking shite we are doing this come on Rangers
  7. Stomach is doing somersaults fucking mon Rangers into these fenian bastards
  8. How Simonsen ever got a game for us is an absolute crime
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