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  1. Could who took the fucking picture no get one of the guy 😂
  2. @Gaz52 can you find out if that's true ?
  3. Thihk that aswell would love walker and Naismith and cover for full backs
  4. Be good to get it done early this morning week and he gets the winner again hibs on Saturday
  5. It's amazing. What one game can do 😂 Most people on here slated him to fuck and couldn't wait till he followed crooks out the door
  6. ad try and loan him out for a season let him get a full season of playing under his belt without getting injured
  7. Sad fact is regardless of what rangers do or who they sign there is always going to be someone with a negative opinion
  8. Would love this one to get completed by Saturday cracking player lol
  9. And also the dive against Celtic 😂 That was a belter
  10. The poor mans Barrie McKay done a lot more that the actual Barrie McKay last season 😂
  11. Hopefully true and is signed soon think he will be a great signing for us
  12. Not that fussed about McKay he's not that good imo hopefully we have added a big sell on fee
  13. Can see us stepping up our approach for walker now McKay is away. And before the end of the week
  14. We may have met the price but they might not have accepted it yet.
  15. It pains me To say it but he's the type of player we are screaming out for