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  1. Liam_RFC

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    7 months been waiting on an appointment of a manager and they hit us with fucking Gerrard: Fcking terrible
  2. Liam_RFC

    Frank de Boer

    http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/15092105.Price_could_be_right_if_De_Boer_is_offered_Rangers_job___agent/ FRANK de Boer's agent said last night that his client is not motivated by money and his interest in the vacant Rangers post this summer is genuine. While a move, short-term or long-term, for a Scottish candidate such as Alex McLeish or Derek McInnes still appears more realistic for the Ibrox club as they bid to replace Mark Warburton, the 46-year-old Dutchman - who led Ajax to four Eredivisie titles in a row before his most recent managerial stint at Italian giants Internazionale lasted just 85 days - insists he won't make a decision on his next club until May at the latest and could yet be open to a surprise return to Ibrox. While much will depend upon what other clubs express an interest in a man who has previously made it onto the shortlists at Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, his representative Guido Albers - who brokered the deal which saw De Boer arrive at Ibrox as a 33-year-old under Alex McLeish on a heavily appearance-fee weighted contract back in 2004 - believes his wage won't be the stumbling block. De Boer was thought to be on a seven-figure annual sum during his time in Milan, although a sizeable fee will also be due were the Ibrox side to move for another potential target in Derek McInnes. "Two years ago Liverpool called and Tottenham called and I think for him it is important to take his time," said Albers. "But If he had no interest in a job like this [Rangers] he would say no definitely and he hasn't done this. "So if he has a good feeling about being approached by Glasgow then everything is possible," he added. "For now, he is not saying 'I am not going to do this or not do that'. Of course there have been a lot of things that he has said no to before but he is going to put all the options on the table in May and then he will make a decision. "When he played for Rangers, and you can ask David Murray about this, he didn't get any salary, he was playing for nothing, because he was just pleased that Rangers were going to let him play," Albers added. "You could imagine 25 coaches who are like that, in it for the money, but you can't say things like that about Frank because he has never made a choice about money. He makes his choices about ambition and what he really wants to do. I am not saying that he will work for nothing - for sure he won't! - but what I am not saying is that money will not make it impossible for him to go there. It will depend on everything, the club, the vision, the long-term, the quality of the players, everything like that. "I had the same with Ronald Koeman, when I brought him to Feyenoord everyone thought that was impossible because of the money, but he spent three years at Feyenoord. And now he is at Everton. "What they [a partnership between Frank and his brother Ronald] would bring is true football and a vision. At Ajax it worked because he had a vision and time to create a vision and I think if he gets the time that he will be successful at whatever his next club is too. I am absolutely convinced that he can go on to be one of the top managers in the world. Because I have seen him working and seen him succeed at Ajax where there is such pressure, to succeed with Dutch players."
  3. Should let the Cunt in set out there display then totally fuck about with it so when they hold it up it's complete fucked ??
  4. Liam_RFC

    Glad all over (Joey Garner)

    Can anyone remember where we got simply the best few year ago? Am sure it was no8 it charted at
  5. Liam_RFC

    ***The Official Hearts V Rangers Thread***

    Cmon rangers let's fucking do This ?⚪️?
  6. A cant stop getting a stupid fake Google iPhone reward thing pop up everything. A try to get on vipleague ?
  7. Liam_RFC

    ***Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread***

    I was the exact same ?Actually ran up to the tv and screamed at it then went crazy when he scored haha
  8. Liam_RFC

    ***Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread***

    We will play these cunts off the park Miller and 3-1 is your bet fucking cmon Rangers
  9. Liam_RFC

    UFC live.

    Time is the mcgregor fight likey to start ? No chance al still be awake for it so going to set me alarm for it ?
  10. Liam_RFC

    ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    Halliday is fucking bang average he's been moved into that role holt made his own last season and he isn't good enough to do it. A feel windass has been brought in to take holts place and Halliday can sit on the bench or even better in the stand with us as he's "one of our own"
  11. Liam_RFC

    ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    Team against Kilmarnock wes tav Keirnan Wilson Wallace barton rosstier windass/Kranjcar Moh dodoo forrester
  12. Liam_RFC

    ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    Cmon Rangers time for a few more
  13. Liam_RFC

    ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    Fuck waiting to the 60 min get dodoo and MOH on now get some pace into the team and start attacking Motherwell are fucking shite
  14. Liam_RFC

    ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    He's done nothing in either of the first 2 and half games this season. He's supposed to be our "best player" by miles according to someone here and he's done nothing so far
  15. Liam_RFC

    ***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***

    Great post Mckays been rotten so far this season and am noticing it more and more about Barton. We seem to lack creativity in the middle of the park. How long till windas is back ?