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  1. Forum looks sleeker

    Aye it doesn't work right on your phone plus the massive adverts cover half on the next posts
  2. Windass

    It's amazing. What one game can do 😂 Most people on here slated him to fuck and couldn't wait till he followed crooks out the door
  3. windass interest from 3 clubs

    Last season before he signed a thought he would do good for us looked a good buy especially on a free. But never done anything all season. And seemed to be injured a lot
  4. sfa balls up again

    It would always been hamdump that would have got it don't think ibrox would have ever. Been considered
  5. Rossiter

    I heard it was something to do with nerve damage in his back
  6. Pedro says new signings are close

    Pedro could bring in messi and people on here would still moan like fuck that he should have bought ronaldo instead
  7. Kiernan and forrester..

    Hopefully Halliday has been told aswell he's worse than both of them
  8. The Bear that got on the park.

  9. Next seasons budget 3million?

    Where is everyone getting 3 million budget ?
  10. Get Pedro Out !

    I can't believe the board thought taking a gamble with him was the right move when we were already so far behind Celtic before warburton left and now we seem miles behind Aberdeen. We need someone with a winning background and experience of managing a big club Pedro is way out his depth
  11. Injury update........

    Halliday is just fucking Shite regardless of what position you play him in
  12. Miller & Dodoo Upfront

    Dodoo deserves his chance for the rest of the season garner and waghorn just aren't good enough
  13. The Re-emergence of Danny Wilson ?

    Wilson was brilliant today and our best defender
  14. Weiss

    I thought I was the only one that Negri annoyed Cunt on really played half a season then fucked it and goes on Facebook like he had spent most of his career here and loves us