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  1. Where the fuck do they get these referees. Two stone wall bookings and fuck all given.
  2. Double change Grezna and Barasic on for candeias and halliday.
  3. Team full of fkn shite bags. Not one leader on the park.
  4. How the fk considine hasn't been booked. Again standard of the refereeing is fucking shocking
  5. Shocking sentence Scottish courts are fkn laughable
  6. Fucking scumbags complete and utter shower of shite.
  7. Fantastic news. New deal to reflect on his value by the Club.
  8. An absolute piss poor statement.
  9. What an emabarrestment for one individual Hurting like fk
  10. Cunts are delusional honestly One caller on SSB saying Vardy is going to be his downfall. What a great tuesday this has been.
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