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  1. BBC cunts are at it too. Fucking scumbags.
  2. ‘First is everything, second is nothing’ Helicopter Sunday Rest in Peace Captain Fernando Ricksen 💙
  3. Was meant to be flying out offshore tomorrow, and got an email trip cancelled. So its a few stellas tonight and watching the bears.
  4. Auctioneers was great for last away tie. Couple of decent boozers up partick way
  5. Gerrard and Davis reaction to that question are fucking priceless. Does that journalist work the daily rebel
  6. Halliday and kamara are having a fucking shocker.
  7. Heartbreaking news for the family. Condolences.
  8. Offered to take him on loan for the season. But couldn't guarantee if they would buy him at the end of the season. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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