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  1. Couldn't make this shit up. Other mob deserved their win and should be that. But it's uefa anything is possible with thoae cunts.
  2. Where was the Mexican drug lord last night not even on bench or mention of him. Is he injured or what
  3. Anybody that sets out with two holding midfielders.and one front against part timers should be out the door. On last night's showing we looked like the part timers. Talks a good game but the cunt is a dud.
  4. Never ending story we are abysmal at all levels mismanagement poor decision after another. The teammust get maximum points for the opening games.
  5. Feel for you mate paying hard earned cash to travel and watch that piss.
  6. What tatics does he even fucking play.
  7. From old firm drubbing being saying cunt is a dud. Will be out of a job before Xmas imo.
  8. Forgot about that one but this comes close.
  9. Ur lucky mate have never seen a worse game of football in years
  10. Absolute dire viewing what tatics are we actually playing.
  11. Have a blinder of a season then be off to epl for millions. 500k is an absolute joke of a price.
  12. Fuckng Pathetic statement to come away with. Says the fanny who stays in south Africa. Some fans may not be able to afford getting to matches or be ill to attend etc. Should be able to follow and support your team any way you can. All rangers as one.
  13. Fantastic news what a pre-season this has been. Just lets get rid of the deadwood in the squad and it will be ever better. WATP
  14. Same top as last season. be a new kit provider next season I reckon