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  1. MacGregor should be cited for his dive but it won't happen.
  2. He should be in our first team squad. If Jones and Ojo aren't creating then Murphy should be given a shot.
  3. Wonder what Sutton and Stewart have to say about this...
  4. Not a fan of the away kit now that I've seen it in person. Looks like a fake you'd buy in Turkey with the way theve incorporated the 32 Red logo into the shirt material. Also the badge and hummel logo stickers seem cheap. Home top is much better.
  5. Aye that's from the remaining seats outwith season tickets. Any season ticket holders who don't opt for their seats go into a public sale.
  6. Our pre-season has been too good to us and last night is exactly the type of game our players needed to place their feet firmly back onto the pitch.
  7. Guessing public sale will be Monday?
  8. Fucksake...that pitch looks too narrow. Maybe we'll put a decent corner in for a change.
  9. He had a stop start first season with us due to injury and low morale/form. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt as he's been good in pre-season so far. He isn't being capped by Croatia for nothing...
  10. Naw...because it'll be most likely raining. Black jacket loyal.
  11. Mental that demands is so high they constantly sell out online.
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