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  1. That's nice. No idea! System used to work but now states I'm not permitted to use the function. Won't let me view my old PMs. So what did you do for your birthday? Enjoy the match today? Us being top of the league is a great birthday present for ya! Was going to send a pm with a stalker pic because you think I'm someone else. But in all honestly this last week was the first time we've spoke!

  2. well said...He defo deserves to be earning the same amount as Fleck imo!!
  3. Gregg Wylde....amazing today!!! Give the youngsters a chance and they prove they can do it!
  4. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS loookkkkk at the young man smile!!! LOVE IT :wylde:
  5. I know...I just said I'll wait and see what else he can do. Hopefully he gets played on his natural side more often now.
  6. I'll wait and see...see what else he can do was a great pass from him though
  7. Have to agree with you Dennis ...let's hope he can show more of that.
  8. He certainly has not shown that till now...hopefully he can keep it up!
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