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  1. You’ll always get some fanny from Facebook looking for attention that will go on
  2. Never trust somebody who bleeds for a week and doesn’t die
  3. Why would that be ? You calling us all bigots ?
  4. It’s big enough ! We had to win and couldn’t.. it’s hibs ffs ... if a games not big enough like the night then I don’t know what is ? Or did you throw in the towel months ago ?
  5. Did the gardener not let him go ? Saying he wasn’t good enough .. the boy probably won’t come back
  6. I think a good few do !! And if they could would change it .... but since your the spokesman for every fan they better just got on with it
  7. The players opinions would probably be better than yours
  8. B045408C-F81F-4D2F-8E3D-202EE82FA0D5.MP4
  9. burnbank bear


    Have you found out if he’s signed yet lol
  10. burnbank bear


    I think we have all seen that bit of news
  11. It was the two clowns in the Copland road that annoyed me .. why the fuck would you shout back at them I’ll never know
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