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  1. I was talking to the Rangers legends kitman in Blackpool.. nice guy that would do a great job if jimmy left the club
  2. So is the colour of that tattoo on your leg
  3. Get back to the huddle board ya tarrier prick !!!
  4. Sounds about rite ... got a commitment on everything but don’t go to games ... I’m sure you’ll enjoy shopping with your wife the morra
  5. Bet you clap like fuck !! You’ll probably want his picture from 67 on the big screen
  6. Every single bear I’ve spoken to is not happy this is happening !!!
  7. You can clap 👏🏻 louder for the rest of us then !!
  8. You’ll always get some fanny from Facebook looking for attention that will go on
  9. Never trust somebody who bleeds for a week and doesn’t die
  10. Why would that be ? You calling us all bigots ?
  11. It’s big enough ! We had to win and couldn’t.. it’s hibs ffs ... if a games not big enough like the night then I don’t know what is ? Or did you throw in the towel months ago ?
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