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  1. burnbank bear

    I don’t get carried away. In fact I’m the opposite!!

    That’s my fear mate .. we beat hearts then most times over the seasons we fuck it up the next game !! But looking at the sheep the day they are pish
  2. burnbank bear

    Fans from our community who support them

    Stop being a fanny looking for likes it’s not Facebook!!!
  3. It’s all about the money with big mark !!!
  4. burnbank bear

    1955 and Now

    You better got back to the ironing before your wife gets in and puts her feet up
  5. burnbank bear

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    gazza will be gutted the tarrier scum of Scotland don’t like him lol!!
  6. burnbank bear

    Europa League Winners

    Prob not get anything! So I’ll say aye
  7. burnbank bear

    Livi celebrations

    So we have a kinda tarrier now ?
  8. burnbank bear

    Moscow Away

    Correct mate .. I went the last time and it was overnight before the game .. Thomas cook want you in for the game and straight home .. Moscow needs a good look about
  9. burnbank bear

    Ufa Away Leg Kicks Off At 3pm UK Time

    I went in 2001 to Moscow and it was different class .. no different from anywhere you go to a game in Europe... the polis are wankers all over the world
  10. burnbank bear

    “The light blues”

    Sandy jardine never played in light blue ! That’s all you need to know
  11. burnbank bear

    Ibrox display tomorrow, Our City, Our Club!

    Can’t help themselves!! All about attention and Facebook likes
  12. burnbank bear

    Let's get Andy Walker removed from our games

    I used to like you ! It’s good answering Bjthedj back
  13. burnbank bear

    Let's get Andy Walker removed from our games

    As the name says ! I’m from Burnbank .. but stay in finnieston now before you come out with your smart arse comments ?
  14. Sorrry thought that says the best story!!