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  1. Guard of honour

    all kidding aside .. I wouldn’t put it past our board to say yes
  2. The road to nowhere.

    I would have took the first offer £7m .. we can’t knock cash like that back £11m madness if true
  3. C.Company

    Membership standing at 10.000 men so far 👍🏼
  4. C.Company

    New standing section could be and probably the best place to put it ? If it eventually happens
  5. C.Company

    Union bears and blue order could come together as c company.. great name for fans in the Copland road 👍🏼
  6. C.Company

    Because people like you are making it out be something else
  7. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Did your wife write that for you
  8. scotland manager

    Got to agree.. this Scotland national team shit ! Shouldn’t be allowed on here
  9. scotland manager

    Couldn’t give a fuck who they have as manager!!
  10. Retail Deal

    Hope it’s gola !!
  11. Trouble yesterday

    I would like to think of hibs fans got on underground they would get kicked in the balls !!! But the new age fans would prob get a picture for Facebook!!!! Fuckin pricks
  12. Cumdog

    He’ll be a good player for us .. but probably be a rite pain in the arse
  13. vanguard bears latest

    ffs ... if the tournament is going ahead next year and we are involved as winners or invited. I’d say a lot more of us will go and sing our songs loud and proud !! or do as they scum cunts say and leave our songs I’n the suitcase lol ... we have the best songs in world football and will be told by no cunt what to sing !!!
  14. vanguard bears latest

    I’m glad you keep your self to your self