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  1. Its alot more difficult to renew in different stands/sections than usual bro... Ive had help from a member on here.. Try help each other... 💙 No surrender
  2. Keysersore thanks for the help mate.. No surrender
  3. You seem a good guy but continue to take the piss out genuine fans trying to sort suff out... The Internet is a weird place
  4. Ive signed into my Rangers account with Rangers number... Should the ticket not be there to purchase?
  5. Anybody had problems paying for season ticket? Ive logged into Rangers account and its saying no season ticket to purchase.. Just all last seasons stuff
  6. I got a email last week saying any games played behind closed doors at ibrox will be discounted from next seasons ticket
  7. Take the phone off your wife shes posting shite on Rangers media
  8. Guaranteed away tickets now so all good
  9. Bit of a boot in the ball for the bar 72 increase.. Its not getting the make over till next season now..so why did they have to put it up so much but freez the rest of the stadium.. Total joke
  10. Bridge building is the way forward.. anyone and everyone! Anywhere and everywhere !!if that’s the way it goes
  11. Had one about 6 weeks ago nearly at 10.000 but don’t know what happened with it
  12. Most people just want to buy a fake top on holiday and bring them home ... it’s no big deal for me
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