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  1. We should have won this fucking league.
  2. Pretty sure someone posted his home address in the original thread.
  3. Cos88


    Out for 18 months and still managed to play 37 games for Osijek last season? Some player.
  4. Cos88

    RM and FF

    You have to threaten to rip people's throats out to get banned on here. R.I.P Muff
  5. I don't think Flanagan would get in their team.
  6. How the fuck does this cunt get a game ahead of Katic.
  7. Wouldn't sell him for anything under £25m
  8. When did Crouch take over from Gerrard?
  9. We should have brought Dallas on for that donkey in the 2nd minute when he hit the post from a fucking yard out.
  10. Cos88


    Only ever makes subs after 80+ mins.
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