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  1. A struggle for the Ulster we all love
  2. Can't stand how close to the ties the draws are made. Pain in the arse for getting time off work.
  3. You too mate! Caned it on the way home and paying the price today
  4. How the fuck can cunts say Herrera played well
  5. Haha it's cool. Was going to see if you wanted a game but I've punted my whole team for packs I'm Xbox anyway
  6. You Xbox or PS4?
  7. I won't be on tonight but I'll add you next time I'm on then we can get a game sometime
  8. Anyone want a game on Xbox?
  9. Unsure as to why you think this isn't a good record. Do you follow football outwith Rangers?
  10. I'm not saying he is or isn't. Just that his name is not enough to prove there's no chance of him being a tim.
  11. Any apps I can use to listen to the game on an iPhone in work? Wish I wasn't missing this
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