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  1. Queens 11

    Moscow Away

    Just booked there. Glasgow-Amsterdam-Moscow from Wednesday to Saturday. Decent flight times and a decent price at £205, much cheaper than I thought it would be.
  2. Queens 11

    Moscow Away

    Did you post about this on follow follow also?
  3. Queens 11

    Rangers arrive at Glasgow Airport (video)

    Fucking hell that is madness
  4. Queens 11


    Anyone in that red lion?
  5. Queens 11


    Same thing, no email but money taken
  6. Queens 11

    Travelling to maribor (hopefully)

    Any idea what our allocation will be? I've only got 1 point and I've already booked flights and hotel. People saying it might only be 650?
  7. Queens 11

    RSC's - Our Lifeblood ?

    That's only 5 mins away from me, wasn't aware of that
  8. Queens 11

    RSC's - Our Lifeblood ?

    Where does the Clarkston bus leave from?
  9. Queens 11

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    The travelling support are drunken louts who regularly embarrass our club.
  10. Queens 11

    Twitter Celebrity Z lister Aberlourbear

    Omg lmao rofl
  11. Queens 11

    Season ticket move

    I'm thinking about trying to get in Bar 72 next year, probably solid to get a move there though. Paying almost that for my regular seat seat anyway.
  12. Queens 11

    Semi final ballot

    £20 brief yass
  13. Queens 11

    Nurnberg shug

    Hugh Keevins is a specky tube
  14. Queens 11

    Fraserbourgh ticket information - OUCH

    My work have put me in a shift as well so I canny watch it. Happy to do it but cause if they try it again it means I can hold this one against them even though I don’t have a ticket
  15. Queens 11

    Fraserbourgh ticket information - OUCH

    First game I’ve missed all season