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  1. Goram away to Leeds and then the tarriers within the space of a couple of days . World class at that time would be an appropriate description .
  2. Billy Ritchie , Bobby Watson and Brian Heron all at Motherwell early 70's . Roy Carroll at Linfield , Paul Ritchie at Hearts come to mind as well . Also recall seeing Alfie Conn at Motherwell and Hearts and the Legend Dave Smith with Berwick Rangers but I've got vague memories of them playing on one of my earliest trips to Ibrox .
  3. Always surprised that the author Paul Smith has never wrote a book about his old man .
  4. A great read . Jeff Holmes has written some really good books about Rangers in the past few years . The biographies of Bill Struth and Scot Symon also give a wonderful insight into some of the pivotal moments that helped shape our great Club . I would love to see one detailing the career of Alan Morton at some time in the future , as I recall reading Mr McPhail's book that was out in the early 90's IIRC . Much prefer books that concentrate on earlier era's than most of the modern age books .
  5. Won't argue about it , Arfield is key to how we play the now , and IMO we've missed him more when he's out than any other player , so glad to see him getting the goal his play has deserved . I just think that Kamara strolled through the game today and just shaded it from Scott and Steven Davis . Not too often recently that we've had a wide choice for the motm award against them !
  6. The boy has been impressive in most of his games since joining , has the gift of always looking as if he has plenty of time and space when in possession . Thought he deserved motm this afternoon .
  7. Aye , and even Walter preferred Karl Svensonn over him until he managed to pair up Weir and big Ugo ! Done really well to re-invent himself at left back though . Borna will need to up his game and consistency if he want's to have a future at us IMO .
  8. TBF mate , that could be said about all of our squad this season . The " last loan " part of the interview is nothing new though , as Kent said as much in an interview that was in one of the previous matchday programmes so I would imagine that if there is any possibility of a permanent move here , the management will have sounded the various parties out to find out what would be required . It would then remain to be seen if Gerrard is prepared to spend what would be a substantial part of his budget on Kent or if the money is better used strengthening other areas of the squad or more to the point , the starting eleven .
  9. Great picture mate , just out of shot to the left would be the two junior grounds as well .
  10. From Jock Wallace's last game ? Little did we all know how things were about to change !
  11. Bob Sutherland , The former World Bowls champion ?
  12. I agree it should have been considered years ago when away allocations were getting tighter . Not sure where you would draw the line though , as plenty of Bears will point to away sell outs long before the division 3 days . The scheme certainly needs looked at though .
  13. It honestly wont surprise me if some sort of up front fee is required , like the travel club . Even if that comes about and we lose some from the Away scheme , it still wont solve the problem of too many supporters chasing too few tickets .
  14. Boyd's second spell fucked up any chance of him being classed as a Legend I would think , pity in a way as goalscorers like him don't come along that often .
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