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  1. Fred H Crawford

    Alexandria balloch

    Nah mate , @K.A.I is a good hearted cunt who just got too serious on here at times . I'm sure if he hears about the OP's dilemma , he will offer to drop off the keys to his house and make sure the game is available for him to watch 😁
  2. Fred H Crawford

    RIP Kevin Beattie

    Mainly remember him as a CB but you're right that he also had the ability to be a quality midfield player as well . I've read a few articles about him and how highly Robson rated him , When he was struggling to train in between games Robson let him go back home to Carlisle during the week even though he knew that Beattie would be on the drink for most of the time , but that come Saturday he would still be one of the teams top performers .
  3. Fred H Crawford

    Alexandria balloch

    Pity @K.A.I isn't still posting mate , he was only down the road in Dumbarton . Might even have managed a couple of games of pool at half time .
  4. Fred H Crawford

    RIP Kevin Beattie

    I think that Beattie's injuries helped Butcher to get into the side originally . Alan Hunter & Russell Osman were also involved at that time , Robson certainly seems to have been a lucky man to have those choices for CB .
  5. Fred H Crawford

    RIP Kevin Beattie

    Alberto Tarantini , Lunatic full back . I don't think he lasted too long , strange considering the likes of Tommy Smith , Norman Hunter and Ron Harris are all legends !
  6. Fred H Crawford

    RIP Kevin Beattie

    How did you forget Ardiles and Villa mate ? Also plenty of foreigners like Brady , Stapleton & O'Leary 😄
  7. Fred H Crawford


    The answer will depend on who is logged on to the account mate .
  8. Fred H Crawford

    Scouts in Africa

    It's really poor if we can't find people to cover the main areas of this country , Shouldn't cost a fortune to cover the petrol costs of a dozen or so guys who can keep us up to date on prospects in youth football .
  9. Fred H Crawford

    Scouts in Africa

    Kane is a talented boy , but had no luck with injuries recently . Wouldn't be surprised to see Kearney trying to bring him to st.mirren when he gets back to fitness .
  10. Fred H Crawford

    On this day, in 2006 we signed Sasa Papac

    Trying to make up for getting ripped a new one by them at Ibrox when he was playing in the position we bought him for . Done well to re-invent himself as a solid left back , and never let us down in that position .
  11. Fred H Crawford

    Prices for Group Stage?

    I've got mines and the boys . The look on my Mrs face when I said the same to her about all the games coming up was funny , she was planning what to do with the extra money once the ST money was paid off She's happy for us really though as she knows how much today has meant to us after all the shit we've had to put up with in recent times .
  12. Fred H Crawford

    Lee Wallace

    A fit Lee Wallace could still play a big part in our season , so glad to see him back involved with the first team squad . Will forever have my respect for his loyalty these past 6 years .
  13. Fred H Crawford

    Prices for Group Stage?

    I'm hoping like you that someone decides to wait till the end of the week and gives us a bit of respite ! It's been a hectic start to the season so far for those on CC so hopefully that gets taken into account . No matter who we draw , if they price it right then we'll sell out these games no problem and give the club a (probably) unexpected cash bonus .
  14. Fred H Crawford

    No Surrender Roy Carroll

    Would have liked to see the rest of the Blues players doing the same . Cliftonville's attempt at playing the victim/oppressed minority card in recent months regarding the Cup final and Donnelly suspension are straight from sf/pira guide book .
  15. Like yourself , I think that where we are placed going into the New year ( and next transfer window ) will give us a better indication of the possibility of a title challenge this season . At this moment , I'm just enjoying the positive start we've made under SG and the fact that going to games has the feelgood factor now that has been sadly missing for too long recently . The improvements we have watched so far give me genuine hope that we can achieve something special under this management team and if it's close come the turn of the year then why not this season ?