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  1. I have both versions mate , my young brothers originally but I took them when my mother moved house . My son usually wears one of the various old kits to games now , some of them fetch some decent cash at times , The Lilac 3rd strip especially .
  2. He's also playing in a position that is notorious for players being inconsistent , fuck knows how the social media generation would have reacted to Cooper , Walters etc . Kent has probably played more this season than in any of his previous loans , and to me it says a lot about the rest of the team that we seem so reliant on him to be the main creator . The boy has a bit of class about him and I'm sure he can use the experience of this season to further his career , hopefully with us , as he has no chance of making any inroads to the first team squad at Liverpool in the near future . He does tend to overplay at times but IMO with more options around him then his decision making will improve .
  3. Mate , that's exactly what happens . The UB congregate at their chosen spot and basically take over , standing 2 or 3 deep in the row . Most older Bears will just move to somewhere with spare seats , I've done this myself and at other times (Livi recently ) I just stood in among the guys and enjoyed being among some of the best away support in the country . It was like a throwback to the old days when you were sore as fuck days later but well worth it . I've said before that some of the Ole ole stuff does nothing for me , but fair play to the boys , I'm not sure that my generation of support could or would have put up with the stuff these boys do with the constant OTT surveillance , policing and stewarding at games .
  4. I don't think that I've watched a Rangers striker who puts the fear into the hammer throwers who masquerade as centre halves , as much as Alfredo since big Hateley was in his prime . Dado for a spell was fantastic ( I would've loved to see him at Ibrox before his knee trouble ) and Jelavic was more technical in his approach and his touch sublime at times , but considering how he plays the lone striker role but still manages to occupy the opposition back line which is something the others never had to do too much then I think he is the ideal man for the managers preferred formation . Whatever happens in the summer will be interesting as there comes a point that he will be at his optimal value to the Club , and while as a support it will be hard to take his leaving , ultimately that's the way we need to operate nowadays . For the present though , I'm just loving the fact that we have someone that has the media and opposition frothing at the mouth , been a wee while since we've had that kind of " hate figure " in a Rangers shirt .
  5. I turned 21 during that season , was single and earning good money working in the steelworks , loved getting to the games no matter the result at that time . As you say we started really well that season then had the losses to Dundee and the sheep at home and in between those we lost the first leg of the league cup semi to hibs . I remember one of the older guys on our bus getting a bit of stick for saying the bubble had burst on the way home from easter road , but as we now know he was right !
  6. Do you ever go and watch the training & sparring mate ? When you see how he handles that , it may help to allay some of your fears , especially in the days leading up to a fight . I won't kid on that you'll be fine with it on fight night though , It's fucking hard enough watching boys you've helped train be on the receiving end never mind when one of your family is in the ring . I'm pretty sure that his coaches will know if/when he's ready and won't be rushed into action before his time . Good luck to him when the time comes 👍
  7. If I remember right , the news about Souness was first announced on the stv news at six . My memory of the Spurs game the previous day , was Big Jock trying a formation out that had Derek Ferguson playing a sweeper role . A general air of apathy had set in and TBH we looked a long long way from recovery . Interesting though to see Jock talking about the support , and also the pictures of the Rangers fans filling the away terraces at hibs , hearts , and Dundee utd . Also the goalside low level camera replay of Ally's goal at parkhead shows the amount of Bears in the main stand . Tynecastle was always a favourite trip for me , A cunt of a walk from parking the busses at the market , but the upside was time to drink a carry out and relatively no hassle from the police ! No matter how shit we were we always filled that big area behind the goal .
  8. Cheers mate , a weird watch to be truthful . So many memories of some good away trips when loads of Bears filled the terraces at tynecastle , easter road & tannadice , hoping rather than expecting 2 points . Loved Jock Wallace , but as that season unravelled after a more than decent start it became obvious that the manager was on borrowed time and something had to change . It's difficult to explain to fans who weren't around then , how much of a jaw dropper it was when news broke of the Souness appointment (No facebook , twitter leaks in those days 😲) IMO the Souness era is the most exciting time we've had in modern times , what with there being no transfer windows and almost daily speculation about who we were targeting , and the belief that anything was possible ! 9IAR and Advocaat's times were wonderful periods to be a Rangers fan , but for me the buzz we had in the aftermath of some really dire league campaigns will only be surpassed by 55 .
  9. That's already been done under sir duped's time in charge mate . Not sure if it could be tried again without affecting the foundations of the 3 modern stands .
  10. What about supporters who have been attending away games for years before that mate ? I understand where you're coming from , but where does the line get drawn ? I'm sure that other posters will recall early morning or even overnight trips , to queue for away tickets at the old ticket window near the front doors , or the edmiston house T O . Really not sure how the allocation can be made fairer while the demand outstrips availability . An up front fee would probably reduce the numbers on the CCS , but IMO it's unfair to charge the support for this while they still might only get allocated 3-4 tickets ,especially considering the prices that our fans pay compared with others .
  11. TBF mate , I remember watching Charlie playing at Ibrox in a youth cup final v Hearts and the game was like that . Kevin Thomas ( the guy who eventually got sacked from st Johnstone for doing drugs on a Christmas night out ) was playing for Hearts that night and done similar . Was like watching a game of 1v1 with the rest of the players just playing a bit part role ! I can't think of any other Rangers youth player that had that kind of effect on the others around him , Barry Ferguson always stood out , but IMO never had the same style of dominating both teammates and opponents during a game that Miller had at that age .
  12. He showed up well today in an attacking sense , but IMO was quite poor defensively . More than once he was caught out of position or caught out with passes played inside him . His injury at the end seemed to sum up his luck right enough , it happened in front of us and I thought he could have played the ball back to the keeper , or out for a throw but took a couple of touches and it appeared he twisted his ankle . Still plenty of time for him to adapt to the needs of the game here and the expectations of the support , but for me at this moment then Halliday is the man in form and Borna has a bit of work to do to shift him from the starting eleven .
  13. Too true mate , we broke the British transfer record around then when we signed Big Dunc ! I think that a lot of people don't realise how close we were in comparison to the top English sides of the day .
  14. Uncalled for mate , @Blue Avenger is very proud of his award 😂
  15. What better way for the club to expose this corrupt shower though ? , than using their own disciplinary procedure to get things out in the open .
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