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  1. Won't argue about it , Arfield is key to how we play the now , and IMO we've missed him more when he's out than any other player , so glad to see him getting the goal his play has deserved . I just think that Kamara strolled through the game today and just shaded it from Scott and Steven Davis . Not too often recently that we've had a wide choice for the motm award against them !
  2. The boy has been impressive in most of his games since joining , has the gift of always looking as if he has plenty of time and space when in possession . Thought he deserved motm this afternoon .
  3. Aye , and even Walter preferred Karl Svensonn over him until he managed to pair up Weir and big Ugo ! Done really well to re-invent himself at left back though . Borna will need to up his game and consistency if he want's to have a future at us IMO .
  4. TBF mate , that could be said about all of our squad this season . The " last loan " part of the interview is nothing new though , as Kent said as much in an interview that was in one of the previous matchday programmes so I would imagine that if there is any possibility of a permanent move here , the management will have sounded the various parties out to find out what would be required . It would then remain to be seen if Gerrard is prepared to spend what would be a substantial part of his budget on Kent or if the money is better used strengthening other areas of the squad or more to the point , the starting eleven .
  5. Great picture mate , just out of shot to the left would be the two junior grounds as well .
  6. From Jock Wallace's last game ? Little did we all know how things were about to change !
  7. Bob Sutherland , The former World Bowls champion ?
  8. I agree it should have been considered years ago when away allocations were getting tighter . Not sure where you would draw the line though , as plenty of Bears will point to away sell outs long before the division 3 days . The scheme certainly needs looked at though .
  9. It honestly wont surprise me if some sort of up front fee is required , like the travel club . Even if that comes about and we lose some from the Away scheme , it still wont solve the problem of too many supporters chasing too few tickets .
  10. Boyd's second spell fucked up any chance of him being classed as a Legend I would think , pity in a way as goalscorers like him don't come along that often .
  11. Barry Ferguson and Lorenzo Amoruso for the part they played in two Treble winning sides , a few others like Numan would be close TBF , but not many . Some of Walter's 3 in a row could have been quoted but IMO most of them have tarnished their reputations in some way since then .
  12. I have both versions mate , my young brothers originally but I took them when my mother moved house . My son usually wears one of the various old kits to games now , some of them fetch some decent cash at times , The Lilac 3rd strip especially .
  13. He's also playing in a position that is notorious for players being inconsistent , fuck knows how the social media generation would have reacted to Cooper , Walters etc . Kent has probably played more this season than in any of his previous loans , and to me it says a lot about the rest of the team that we seem so reliant on him to be the main creator . The boy has a bit of class about him and I'm sure he can use the experience of this season to further his career , hopefully with us , as he has no chance of making any inroads to the first team squad at Liverpool in the near future . He does tend to overplay at times but IMO with more options around him then his decision making will improve .
  14. Mate , that's exactly what happens . The UB congregate at their chosen spot and basically take over , standing 2 or 3 deep in the row . Most older Bears will just move to somewhere with spare seats , I've done this myself and at other times (Livi recently ) I just stood in among the guys and enjoyed being among some of the best away support in the country . It was like a throwback to the old days when you were sore as fuck days later but well worth it . I've said before that some of the Ole ole stuff does nothing for me , but fair play to the boys , I'm not sure that my generation of support could or would have put up with the stuff these boys do with the constant OTT surveillance , policing and stewarding at games .
  15. I don't think that I've watched a Rangers striker who puts the fear into the hammer throwers who masquerade as centre halves , as much as Alfredo since big Hateley was in his prime . Dado for a spell was fantastic ( I would've loved to see him at Ibrox before his knee trouble ) and Jelavic was more technical in his approach and his touch sublime at times , but considering how he plays the lone striker role but still manages to occupy the opposition back line which is something the others never had to do too much then I think he is the ideal man for the managers preferred formation . Whatever happens in the summer will be interesting as there comes a point that he will be at his optimal value to the Club , and while as a support it will be hard to take his leaving , ultimately that's the way we need to operate nowadays . For the present though , I'm just loving the fact that we have someone that has the media and opposition frothing at the mouth , been a wee while since we've had that kind of " hate figure " in a Rangers shirt .
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