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  1. Fred H Crawford

    manager of the month

    Uncalled for mate , @Blue Avenger is very proud of his award 😂
  2. Fred H Crawford

    Disciplinary action

    What better way for the club to expose this corrupt shower though ? , than using their own disciplinary procedure to get things out in the open .
  3. Fred H Crawford

    Rangers related picture thread

    😂 Just re read that mate , you're right . Caught out being a smartarse
  4. Fred H Crawford

    Rangers related picture thread

    No mate , we wore our traditional home strip in the final . The red/white away strip was worn in the first semi-final v st johnstone at parkhead . That was the same day as the Hillsborough disaster , probably what your thinking about mate .
  5. Fred H Crawford


    Unbelievable mate , miss 2 or 3 gilt edge chances then score a tap in after Cooper , Walters etc had put it on a plate , then off celebrating like he had just scored a world cup winner 😂
  6. Fred H Crawford

    Safe Standing

    The second paragraph of your email speaks of a club supporters survey , that would have been what I answered . The only time I've contacted Club1872 was to clarify the part about consent for them to use your details , they confirmed that was required in order to complete the survey .
  7. Fred H Crawford

    Safe Standing

    The email was sent from the club account was it not mate ? , because if not I've no idea how they would have got my details .
  8. Fred H Crawford


    Early in Ally's career at Ibrox mate , but something he always remembered being on the end of . Credit where it's due , he didn't half answer his critics back in subsequent years , although he was still capable of missing his fair share chances .
  9. Fred H Crawford

    Safe Standing

    About a year ago the Club ran a survey on safe standing and the potential numbers that would be interested in moving ST to that section . Your RFC number and ST details were required as well . At the end of the survey was a small box to be ticked in order for CLUB1872 to contact you and put you on their mailing list , if you never agreed to this then you were unable to complete the survey and therefore register interest in safe standing . This was confirmed to me by an email from Club1872 , so I'm not sure how accurate the survey would have been if more people were put off by having to share details with Club1872 .
  10. Fred H Crawford


    I also remember the Scottish cup tie against Dundee when most of the support seemed to join in with the chant of " Ally , Ally , Get tae Fuck " Never edifying to hear the Rangers support turn so publicly on one of our own players .
  11. Fred H Crawford

    Borussia Dortmund, Champions League - September 1995

    I'm sure it was Gordon Durie that got the goal along with Brian , and Gazza was ordered off . Dortmund during the day was a good laugh , but you're right about the fucking cold ☃️ Empty seats at Ibrox were down to sir duped taking the support for granted and charging above the odds prices for the 3 game package .
  12. Fred H Crawford

    Dodoo gone on year loan.

    Would rather have kept him as the third striker option than our current No.9 .
  13. Fred H Crawford


    TBF , It's a close call between all of those mentioned . Brown and Roberts not even spoken about either , both of them top class for a period of their Ibrox careers . Just posting this makes me think how fortunate we've been at various points of the last 32 years ( Fuck sake , typing that makes me feel old ) We were also well served , although briefly , at differing points by the likes of Berg , Boumsong and Frank De Boer !
  14. Fred H Crawford


    Along with Gough and Butcher , IMO Amoruso was a notch above the rest of our centre backs since the Souness /Holmes revolution . Moore and Alan McLaren just slightly behind . As @eejay the dj said above , the man was a winner and we've been sadly lacking in that department in recent times .
  15. Fred H Crawford

    George Adam MSP (SNP)

    Absolutely correct mate , the haters couldn't give a fuck how much their double standards and hypocrisy are on show with regards to their views and official dealings with our Club are . The recent case of the fanzone is a case in point , elected councillors caught out lying and interfering in due process , and it's just ignored and we move on ! While I admire the tenacity of those that are working to expose the truth , the Club board need to take a lead on the constant attacks ( not from random pricks on social media ) but on cunts who are in a position of responsibility , councillors , MP's , msp's , journalists and reporters , be upfront when challenging the haters and let the support know that we as a Club will be challenging the untruths , and petty digs . Do it out in the open and not behind closed doors and let it be clear that if someone is willing to attempt to blacken our Club and support then they better be able to back it up . No more dignified silence .