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  1. Fred H Crawford

    Favourite Football Commentator?

    The late Brian Moore was class , great memories of him commentating on our 92/93 Champions League run . Even Big Ron as his sidekick was bearable due to Moore's ability .
  2. Fred H Crawford

    Scotland 78: A Love Story

    In Argentina , he only played in the game against the Dutch . Spain '82 , I'm think he captained the side . To be fair to McLeod , Rioch & Masson had done well in the qualifiers but by the Home Internationals it's fair to say they were struggling to achieve that previous form , and Souness , Gemmill and Hartford all had decent claims to be first choice for the tournament proper but Ally was loyal to a fault when it came to certain players , His choice of putting his old Aberdeen player Joe Harper before DJ, who had just scored 38 goals in a treble winning side , sums that up . Was that not in response to SAF leaving him out of the Uruguay game in Mexico 86 ?
  3. Fred H Crawford

    Scotland 78: A Love Story

    The planning and preparation that Ally and the sfa put into that tournament was a fucking disgrace . That Scotland squad was capable of a lot more (same as the '74 & 82 teams ) but let down by poor management , Ormond and McLeod picked a side and then expected the players to work things out for themselves while the Man who Knew was the opposite and stifled flair players in order to adhere to a system that was designed to get us through the tournament without tarnishing BJK's " legend " . That was probably the last time that Scotland sent a team to a World Cup looking to do more than just take part . I enjoyed the programme though , even if it told us nothing new . Loved seeing the old boy buying his butcher meat with the fag hanging out his mouth changed days indeed !
  4. Fred H Crawford

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    That Red Star side were a class apart . Absolutely toyed with us .
  5. Fred H Crawford

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    You had to admire that one , even though it put a bit of a damper on our forthcoming bus trip to the return leg . In consolation , the Ocktoberfest was on at that time . Kempes for Valencia that night was special , and probably the when it started to dawn on me that some players were simply on a different level than what we were used to seeing week in week out in Scotland .
  6. Fred H Crawford

    So with Stevie in France....

    You missed a great day mate . My wee home town was looking good today . No surprise that some on parade struggled with the hill on the Calder Road in this heat , but the Greenock boys are used to walking up and down hills . Heading back out soon to watch the Imperial FB & Bellshill Protestant Boys FB remind the tarriers that We are the People .
  7. Fred H Crawford

    Rangers related picture thread

    Bears in fine form at the piggery 0-0 draw 1993 .
  8. Fred H Crawford

    Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    It seems only common sense for the existing ticket holders to get first refusal , but unfortunately that's not been much in evidence when it comes to our ticket office .
  9. Fred H Crawford

    A tougher Approach from Douglas Park

    Yes , Dougie's not one to be messed with . Did he not once lock a referee in the tynecastle dressing room after a dodgy performance when Park was on the Hearts board
  10. Fred H Crawford

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    Disappointed to hear this Jinty . Hopefully someone at the ticket office looks into giving us the option to upgrade the kids tickets ( even at the £100 ) as it would seem to me to be the most sensible road to go down . I would imagine that some of those in the family section with a couple of young kids might not be too bothered or willing to pay for celtic games for their kids , so I doubt the take up would be 100% . In the area I sit , there's a few extended family groups , Grandparents , parents & kids and it would seem strange if these groups end up with one or two of their seats given over to a public sale . Will probably contact them next week to see if they can enlighten us more by then .
  11. Would he need to rejoin RM , or do you think the Board would be able to find a way round that ?
  12. Fred H Crawford

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    As much as I've enjoyed seeing my son experience Rangers away days the past season , and hope we get to go to more next season , trips to the piggery wouldn't be missed by me . Each to their own , but I know that the whole policing experience that comes with a visit there is just something that shouldn't be acceptable to any support and it's not something that I'm prepared to subject myself to . Fully appreciate that some Bears will end up missing out , but given the amount of fans on the away ccs then that is always going to happen .
  13. Fred H Crawford

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    Aye the atmosphere was shit that day ( We drew that one though ) but games against Kiev , Leeds etc prove that we can create a great atmosphere at Ibrox .
  14. Fred H Crawford

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    Hopefully we will get some word from the Club soon regarding this Jinty . Would much rather pay the extra for the boy's upgrade than face moving stands in the next couple of seasons .