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  1. The three incidents happened in the first half, Alfredo incident was just inside our half, Brown is jumping over him but tries a sly backkick on him as he jumps, Arfield is elbowed as he tries to support Morelos who has broke down the right hand side dont know if you may have to watch the full first half but I find it very hard to believe the media appeared to have missed these incidents as they are exactly what the compliance was put in place for....or am I being naive ( no laughing at the back)
  2. There was an opportunity to ask why Lego muncher had three different incidents during that game where the compliance officer could have been cited as the ref took no action against him, the tackle on Candieas, the back heel on Freddo and the elbow on Arfield Why have the press chose to ignore this and focus fully on Morelos ? I know they have their lickspittles in the media but surely someone somewhere could have brought these incidents up and highlighted them, asking the same questions that they have asked
  3. Same freedom......we can’t even tell them to go home
  4. Our last 3 league games we have been done out of 6 points Hibs, we had a stonewall penalty denied....resulting in a draw Aberdeen, given a penalty that was shown to be wrong.....resulting in a draw Aberdeen, finishing with 11 men when at least one, if not two of them should have been sent off.......resulting in a draw Are we just dreadfully unlucky in that they were decisions taken by three different refs that were wrong I fully back Gerrard in what he has said, he has done his homework and now seen for himself what we are up against I am not suggesting conspiracies but I am asking are we just very, very, very unlucky
  5. That as the home top and an orange away top what a money spinner for the club They would sell record amounts
  6. El Hadji Diouf and Mark Walters were Rangers players.....wouldn't it be fitting if someone wrote a piece in the rebel and explained in detail to Brenda and Sinclair that this is nothing new in Scotland as it has been happening for years and we do not condone no matter what colour of strip is being worn and just for the record two young Rangers fans have been bottled by a certain shower of beggars and no one in their support has seen fit to help bring the perpetrators to justice........
  7. https://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/scottish-government-glasgow-city-council-deceived-eu-westthorn-should-have-been-value
  8. Rangers supporters would like to extend their deepest sympathies to all the children and their families that have been affected by the ongoing cover up by CFC and the media regards all the perverted sex acts carried out on innocent children and hidden by people employed by CFC
  9. Tomorrow night's match at scumsville Leavemyarsealona v Barcelona
  10. All the best Mark & Josh Here's hoping this little bear gets the funding he needs Every little bit helps
  11. A return to moving the ball a bit quicker is not coincidental with the return of Holt, he is alway's available to receive the ball and with windass in there as well the midfield is set up now to attack where as from the start of the season it was set up to protect the two centre backs
  12. GB

    You do a great job, Donated


  13. Donated........All the best wee man from a fellow bear
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