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  1. Well you wouldn’t know if you look at sky live commentary of the game. When the rattlers play its full of superlatives about how brilliant that goal was or that player is unplayable. Look at the commentary for Alfie’s 3rd and 4th. Sky are as bad as the BBC when it comes to biased reporting, the feeds on their games is as if it’s being written by a fan, fuck them too. As for Alfie, best forward since McCoist and will only get better, remember how shit McCoist was when he started out as well, Alfredo will only get better and better, look at how he’s improved since last year.
  2. That really did make me lol 😀, I agree though common sense and facts by the barrowload and the initial post is just outstanding. I’m just absolutely fucking staggered at the manufactured one sided bias that is now dominnating every mhedia outlet, I mean every rattler is reporting that Alfie grabbed Christie, not one cunt has mentioned the stamp that made him flick out and not grab anything and let’s not get started about the one sided biased narrative, it’s a fucking joke. Rangers or club 1872 need to make a statement about this or challenge the slanderous/libellous cunts that are spinning this revisionism.
  3. So the tackle from Porteous was only a yellow card? It was a fucking disgraceful dangerous challenge which merited a straight red card, if it was a Rangers player that made that challenge it would’ve been red, after all we have the worst disciplinary record in this shitty league despite being the dominant team in most games, how the fuck does that work? Its fucking dreadful and no more than cheating, how Whittaker was never carded tonight is a mystery too. So a straight red, stonewall penalty (despite what the boss says and when he sees it again I’m sure he will change his mind) and fuck knows how many poor fouls from Whittaker and you think the officials were competent? With ‘fans’ like you, who needs enemies.
  4. It’s amazing how the lead commentator did not offer one opinion on our offside goal despite it being shown at 2 different times in the game but his language when we make an error is clear words like awful etc, and also the under current as if we have a discipline problem, how many times has the prick mentioned red cards for us. Let’s forget the rescinded card and the 2 joke candeias sending offs. The bias is fucking disgusting from a supposed objective impartial observer.
  5. And in other news, Glasgow Rangers are responsible for the hole in the ozone layer, world famine and world terrorism, a spokesman from the sun said ‘they’re pure oranje basturds so they ur’.
  6. Done it on my phone, took a few minutes, was getting nowhere on my iPad, just your luck I guess
  7. The really good thing about this is that as team we are still in its infancy. We will be so much better in a few months, strengthen in January and who knows. Just need to have more belief from the start but I’ve never felt as confident in a manager since Souness. Mr Gerrard will improve every player in our team, he’s done it already and it’ll continue. We are not world beaters by any stretch, but I’m believing more and more we can do 55 this year. Take an early bow Mr G.
  8. Their pain is papable, bitter analysis from the evening tims. We played for 55 mins with 10 men and 25/30 with 9, away from home in Russia, lets put that in perspective. Any other team in Scotland would get lauded from the rooftops, as it’s Rangers, the bile and bitterness seeps through, I just wonder what foot McGarry kicks with, the bitter bastard that he is.
  9. My face is like a fucking tomato and my insides are racing, absolutely outstanding, magnificent, marvellous, superb, brilliant, fabulous, tremendous and no bad!
  10. Absolutely, they bled us dry so any monies fir transfer fees would’ve been raided by the cunts that stripped us bare.
  11. Yep, you would’ve tupe’d over, how do you know it would’ve been for days/weeks?
  12. Some tragic comments on here, not one person has been in the position they were in, but so many know what they would’ve done. So easy looking from the outside in. Wives and kids to support, mortgages etc, but yep, everyone would’ve tupe’d over without knowing the financial ramifications with changed contracts and effectively ruining your footballing career playing in the lowest divisions. We are all emotionally mired in this because we are fans (some more staunch and Uber than others), but just think about you having to downgrade your career, house, car lifestyle etc because the directors in your company fucked the company over, or you could move elsewhere and live the life you’ve become accustomed too. Too many puritanical do gooders who’ve never been wrong in their lives about anything and then never have it within themselves to forgive people who have, pretty sad really.
  13. We all do mate but tonight was an excellent all round disciplined performance (for most parts) and we have reason to be confident on what’s bing created. We now have a proper manager, the first since Walter and despite his inexperience as a manager, by fuck does he know the game inside out. Going by what we have seen to this point and how he has transformed us in a short period of time, he has the potential to be a legend as a manager too and I’m sure he will go on to bigger and better things. I have switched from cautious optimism to come ahead ya Bawbags! The futures bright....
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