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  1. Shut up you complete fucking mongo.1minute after full time,your first thought is to slag a player.fuck off
  2. Far too defensive tonight.flanagan defensive fullback,mccrorie aswell in holding role,fuck sake,they had one upfront,didnt look pleasing on the eye atall,lets be honest,thats how 90%of teams are goin to play against us at ibrox,no imagination atall.windass isnt a wide midfielder,so either he gets dropped or not played atall...early days.
  3. You wouldnt take the money for morelos.i wouldnt even have morelos in my starting line up...windass up front.
  4. Middleton ahead of murphy...desperately need a creative midfielder and id sell morelos.
  5. Got to be either jack or mccrorie.No point atall having two defensive midfielders starting at home. Mcgregor Tav goldson katic flanagan Jack Arfield Candeias windass murphy Morelos
  6. For what reason?for completely losing the head with the manager and players after one of the most embarrassing results in our history.Accept mediocrity and thats what you will get for fuck sake.
  7. When is the torbett trial start?every bear needs to publicise this trial as much as possible,a blind man can see what the bbc,sfa and media outlets are trying do. Never forget Never forgive
  8. Better just blasting the ball into the sky and being hero worshipped?fuck me man,how old are all the cunts on Rangers media these days man
  9. Cant see jack going out on loan atall.he will be a starter under gerrard,shows fight,passion and commitment,was our best player before he got injured,can see him being captain under gerrard.
  10. Exactly.total wankfest over brown all the time,he does absolutely nothing against us and brings nothing to their team,its that ntcham who does all the work,brown runs about acting the big iam,below average footballer
  11. Same shite that scudded the beasts..lighten up ffs.He was all over the park.
  12. The more and more that comes out of this shambles,murty is looking a bigger and bigger cunt.The first wrong pass on sunday will kick things off,think its going to be one of the most poisonous atmospheres at ibrox in years,approaching a week from last weekend and im still raging with the cunts.
  13. That shows passion pal.what fucking planet are you on?Did any Rangers fan watching that game manage to keep their feelings intact?i highly doubt it
  14. Fucking least of our worries how the fuck he turns upto a disciplinary for being made a scapegoat,fuck me man.
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