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  1. Well let's be honest, Krankie or Seaweed as she's also known us a prolific lier and he... Well he Lies well. WATP FTSNP
  2. Parlane Parlane Parlane Parlane, Born is the King Of Ibrox Park. Ah takes me back.
  3. He was shite a total waste of space'. 1. Andy Goran -A gift from God. 2.Stefan Kloss-Champions League winner. 3. Lionel Charbonnier-World Cup winner. 4.Graham Roberts- Cameo roll but what a choirmaster. That's 4 in the last 30 years that are above Maxwell and there are many more. Antti Niemmi, Nicky Walker, Boni Ginzburg etc..
  4. Some of the posts are utter dire and are out of touch with the fans around me. We all moan and bitch about everything from team selection to players performance but RM has become a cabal. Sadly it is becoming more like FF where the views of the few have the power to ridicule and label anyone they disagree with as one of the Eastend kiddie fiddlers. I will get slated and the oh so unfunny pish spouted but fuck it. It has to be addressed.
  5. Jack C


    He maybe in a dip form wise, but if you take everything into account like the tharrier press hounding, car tampering, racist abuse, referee victimisation etc... One thing for sure is he will bounce back and is definitely not 'A fat waste of space'.
  6. We are THE European team. BUT..... Brexit means Brexit Fuck the BBCSNPSFA. WATP
  7. Fuck off! Lie doon bastards. We will win it for ourselves.
  8. I stopped watching this shite programme when Bill Tennent left it.
  9. The Scottish Scum strikes again Boycott this rag it's just a fucking tarrier infested propoganda comic.
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