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  1. Get your point but there’s no need in that kind of shite from opposing players.
  2. Who was the wee dick shouting “yass” in the players faces? They deserved their win but could at least have some class about them. Arsehole
  3. Haha I know I mean for the sheep game and others ???
  4. Looking for a pub in Dundee City Centre to watch Rangers games in. Any good Rangers pubs anyone can recommend?
  5. Minutes should be available publicly mate
  6. Disgraceful decision by the "Community Council" - obviously unaware of the work our club does in Govan for the people they're supposed to represent. Even the corrupt SNP "First Minister" had to accept this "The Club has succeeded in positively influencing issues such as health, crime, education and employability, which are key priorities in continuing to regenerate our country and create stronger, safer communities. The Club could be used as a model of best practice both for other football clubs and other community organisations dedicated to making a difference to people’s lives.”
  7. Yeah mate strange one. Maybe just a gambling law like someone else said.
  8. Sorry didn’t see your post haha
  9. Also, what kit is this? Thought thought we had 1) blue, 2) white and 3 glorious orange, I mean mandarin haha
  10. I don't think it's as much the formation that's the problem, more the instructions within it. Teams are sitting in against us generally (at least for spells) and that means it's hard for the "inverted winger" playing on their weaker side to impact the game because they are running into traffic before the fullback can break the line. I'd like to see us set up to get to the line and deliver more often. in my opinion we can either switch wingers to their stronger side so they can take people on outside then and deliver or just drop their starting position 10 yards to drive into midf
  11. Well our current manager currently has him as our captain and he doesn't seem so bad?
  12. I use WyScout at work and it is fantastic. It's better for watching players who have already been identified to through other channels. The number of games that can be watched on it is also a plus
  13. Agree with the fitness aspect but the twice the ball went up to Boyd it stuck and we kept the ball. Also won a crucial header in the box.I'd have maybe liked another player on too, but for the time he played he didn't do badly IMO
  14. Have never watched it, not that I see that as important?
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