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  1. I would assume that Ajax have been carrying Holland for quite a while. We've faced both Feyenoord and Willem II recently who weren't great shakes tbh. We are really gonna struggle from next year onwards due to having 5 teams in the competition as all our gained points get divided by 5 rather than 4. Generally it's just us and Celtic that get any meaningful points but hopefully this new Conference tournament will allow Aberdeen and Hibs to actually beat teams in Europe.
  2. I'm just an idiot, i misread what the guy was meaning. We have the potential for 7th next year if we continue to do well.
  3. I read it on Twitter, it must be true right?
  4. That seems more accurate, i thought it was a bit farfetched. Seems they were only adding on 5 and not dividing by the amount of teams.
  5. Saw someone say if we get 2 wins against Slavia we could jump into 7th as Austria and Russia have no teams left
  6. Pretty good draw, Slavia are a good side but we have a chance
  7. We've conceded more goals in Europe than the league this season 😂
  8. He's nothing but a coward, jumps ship before we win the title at the Girodome
  9. I saw it rumoured he was approached in October about it
  10. This is nothing but anti Irish racism from Celtic tonight, I am utterly disgusted by this
  11. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19110074.amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  12. Clapping for Gerrard and then losing to Hamilton was a particular highlight
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