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  1. That's the keeper from the Sunderland documentary right? 😆 He looked pish in that anaw
  2. Jones made the bench today tbh and i doubt we'll ever see him again in a Rangers shirt, Barjonas was there to fill bench spaces.
  3. Tbh our only midfielder on the bench was Barjonas, more a failure to recruit another midfielder more than anything else. His subs though are more reactive than proactive. Throw on 2 attackers cause we need a goal, reeks of desperation.
  4. Meh so far, shouldn't be allowing them to pack there box when we are near, can't get shots away
  5. Porteous probably, thats all he does, a fucking thug.
  6. No midfielders on the bench, jesus, hope we don't get another injury
  7. No restrospective action taken against Edwards, I'm shocked ....
  8. I'd say that was more Murtys fault than Bruno's tbh. My dog could defend better than Russell Martin.
  9. It's arrogance at this stage, doubling down on that line up and when celtic beat a Motherwell side that have scored 1 goal all season it'll be vindication in his eyes, completely delusional. Hope he stays all season.
  10. Back pedalling like mad here, guess Peters has a word
  11. Well i didn't expect that, fantastic. Hopefully Eduoard gets sold to keep the lights on.
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