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  1. 2nd in the in-form teams atm
  2. Hope they beat Milan and then get scudded in the league
  3. His son is a first team coach for them and his other son is a scout for them while he is being payed for Celtic TV appearances. He'll be taking it if offered.
  4. Hope they get Marco Silva, biggest conman in football, a nice suit hides the fact he is awful at managing
  5. I'm surprised he's still here tbh. Who would have thought Operation Stop The 10 was coming from the Celtic board and not the masonic referees 😂
  6. Apparently he's definitely going today but he's also taking training, it's refreshing to not be the banter club for a change 🤣
  7. Has to stay until he faces us again, please please please. I actually think the board might double down because of what happened last night
  8. Rumours he's been chucked and a fan protest outside Torbett Towers
  9. Think that was the game we had to clap for Gerrard
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