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  1. His shooting is really good but don’t try to hold the ball up dribble or pass with him. Just sprint and shoot 😂
  2. My season ticket in govan rear right in the centre and I love it best place I’ve sat.
  3. Thank fuck!! We go 442 and score straight away. Don’t revert back to 4-3-3 like he did at st Johnstone now.
  4. We need to press these c*nts at the back they cannot handle it same at Ibrox last week in the last 20 mins
  5. I got an email and I’ve been trying to get through on phone from last night can I just go to the ticket office?
  6. Should never play for Rangers again. Powderpuff
  7. That's the early access available
  8. foster looked chuffed to bits when he came on and very nervous to start with but i think he settled towards the end. miller really needs to be tied up again showing how important he is to us.
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