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  1. When we out there was a senior officer standing doing nothing i unleashed a mouthfull off abuse his way, and all his acolytes were sitting in there vans having a good old laugh between themselves ,heading past the bus entrance there were a few coppers milling about there as well so i unleashed on them too i suppose i was quite fortunate i wasn`t lifted,but a few Bears got me to calm down {cheers guys}.
  2. she`s fine thanks. I`m really unhappy how the BBC are playing this down,if it were us the hole would be dug already and our club buried for all time.
  3. The cup should be made null and void for this season. Hibs should be made to play at least 4 games behind closed doors also no away tickets should be provided to them for the same amount of games. Myself and my daughter witnessed assaults on Big Rob and Jason holt. We left the stadium after that as she was in total shock and really scared for her safety. Outside the ground I totally lost it with the police who were wandering around as if nothing was happening.
  4. Ha ha ha beautiful mondaaaay whooooa my my my wot a beautiful day.
  5. sing in the chapel yous only sing in the chapel. will never forget when we sung that to them at the piggery.
  6. If thats not a straight Red WTF is. Will the fucking scrote Houston be sick to the pit of his stomach at the decsion being turned over,you can bet your bottom dollar he will be chuffed to fuck as his shitey team gained all the advantage and now the twat is off the hook to play against us. Our game is a bigoted bitter shambles. It matters not a jot we should beat them with him in the side he should be suspended end off.
  7. Broon trying to look the hard cnut. Looks more like somebody`s rammed one o they Dildo`s up his arse.
  8. BBC exactly the same bitter twisted Bastards.
  9. Totally agree if we start taking the chances we are creating there are no problems.
  10. My hero, loved watching him play a brilliant winger. Stick it right up those SFA Bastards.
  11. Bitter Twisted arse of a man who couldn`t stomach that his time wasting 10yard stealing tactics at throw ins failed to work,they got their arses burned ,and he just couldnt handle the fans laughing and taking the pish out of him. Houston you are a prize prick,get it roon ye ya bastard.
  12. Please let that Rhat infested scum club be relegated,i fucking hate them.
  13. Haw Davie i`ve found Shergar
  14. Seem to recall teams gave up on them when our idiot Football association said bookings an red cards would count in normal club competitions.
  15. Seriously his Teeth are Fucking. GREEN.
  16. Chung ying spouting off on the Radio after the game last night,wanting us to get a top prem side as The Rangers fans are becoming very Arrogant bout how their team are playing. Implying we are getting above ourselves. FFS if we can't talk about how good it is to see our team playing good football and be optimistic for the future. What the feck are we to do. Fecking scum journo has another kick at us,rather talk about the football we are playing. Am sick of their shite. Rant over.
  17. Can't wait till Sunday. The noise will be ear splitting. All the new guys will find out how much our club means to us. And how the club will get under their skin.
  18. As soon as i saw that Cants Puss i switched off,he is an odious bastard. Who belongs in the same room as Britney and the Gobblegiver. What a trio of total fuckwits.
  19. No. Shove No Reaction No Incident Erwin guilty as any. Case closed
  20. A blanket Boycott ?. I for one would like this to happen but unfortunately as fans we neither have the will or the togetherness to make it happen. This would have to come from the board not taking up any away allocation and fans not buying direct from those Bastard clubs..
  21. Moshni and Erwin at the end off the game. Erwin had a go at moshni and moshni booted him and punched him in the puss.
  22. Haven`t got one but can`t complain,i had Q.O.S & Hiv`s so give them hell all you lucky Bears.
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