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  1. So says the prick who got away with kicking anything that moved Sutton you are just filthy bitter peado loving scum bag.
  2. That’s great to hear. Who was it who said in another thread they had spoken to Beaton,who said there would be no further action. kudos that guy.
  3. The whole lot of them looked as if they could do with a bloody good scrub with a bass broom and bleach. Dirty scummy bassas. Broon especially. Gave that prick walker pelters at the end of the game, he was trying to act the hard man trying to stare us out,before eventually slinking back out of sight. Another rat 🐀 oh how good it felt giving him some well deserved verbals. Happy new year to all bears.
  4. Yeh mate noticed that too. No matter what the snowflakes say we are definitely refereed to a different standard. Or should I say the rules are applied very strictly to us and not to other teams. Especially now they have rethought their strategy and are giving one soft yellow and waiting for the opportunity to apply the second yellow instead of an undeserved red so we can’t appeal. Whoops paranoid proddy here. 😉😉😉
  5. Get Tav out of that team his passing and crossing a ball is useless and he is never a Captain. We need a leader on the park.
  6. I’ve read through all these posts and you know something we are a bunch of fickle bastards. Morelos is a daft wee laddie who needs to sort his head out at times. Some of his bookings are a joke and a few deserved and you can usually tell which Refs are gunning for him,his first booking tonight happened right in front of us and was a joke his second was for being that daft wee laddie. But I’ll tell yous one thing he’s our daft wee laddie and there is more passion and good in there than I’ve seen from some of the pretenders than were running about that midfield tonight Ejaria and coullaba
  7. Shinnie was a fucking disgrace. But Alfredo should have known better.
  8. Feck sake man cut them a break it was just raw emotion
  9. Agreed. I Travel , to practically all away games whether I have a ticket or not and the annoying thing is it’s nearly always the same faces that have tickets or are selling tickets. Strange that 🤔.
  10. Our board don’t even need to counter his statement. Just publicly laugh at it and belittle him / them.
  11. Our total squad is really shite Eh!!! Best get rid of them all and start again. ?
  12. None for me this season yet either. Getting rapidly pissed off.
  13. I always start the games full of good intentions speaking to guys saying I won’t shout at Ref an assistants. But hey ho within about 15 mins I just can’t keep it in, an they get both barrels lucky enough the guys round about have a good laugh. They’re a good crowd around where we sit.
  14. They can spout all they want re they never got help before their uefa final. The point of this is one of these bastards made a call to influence the decision against helping our preparations for a major Euro final.Something that only these scabby bastards would do.
  15. I certainly hope our Chairman / Board, will now get a team of solicitors / investigators on this, and go full public, press conferences the lot. No more dignified silence Rangers,let’s go for the jugular.
  16. How that is deemed a red card is beyond me. Im afraid no one will convince me that there isn’t an outside influence at work here. It’s a yellow at worst. For both players. The assault on Ryan Jack is a straight Red in any game.
  17. The prick is an attention seeker who is trying to get the spoon burner board,fans,&press to beg him to stay. Make no excuses all he wants is his ego stroked. He is a total non entity who craves attention.
  18. All I want is these players to at least have the balls to come out next week with the attitude your not winning the title against us,but alas it’s prob just a pipe dream.
  19. Good on you Boyd stick it to this Board. And all the wee king lovers. It’s the only way pressure can be brought to bear on this board to either put up or fuck off.
  20. I would have him back in a blink for a season to sort out the place but it would worry me he would bring the gardener back.
  21. I saw Ray at the start of his career at Chelsea along with his Brother Graham. And then his last game for us near the end of his career. What a player!!! A true Gent. RIP Butch it was s pleasure.
  22. My favourite player growing up. He had it all. ??????
  23. Did somebody shoot that brainless scumbag there.
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