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  1. Jimmy looks like he’s gonna kill that brainless dick brown
  2. My problem with Murty is he is too loyal to players that are clearly not prepared or able to put in a shift. Hopefully Dorrans or Jack will be the ones to kick arse and drive the midfield on. We need a Captain who will take no shit.
  3. There Should be no hesitation Clarke should be approached and given the tools he needs to fill the position. Graeme Murty needs to be given the chance to progress alongside an experienced manager.
  4. No fucking about. Just do it Rangers ????????????
  5. Gutless performance,allowed Allan and McGinn to run right over the top of him. He’s not prepared to roll up his sleeves and at least get stuck in when he’s having a bad game he just hides, needs to be benched.
  6. Good riddance you dirty scum bastard. I hate your fucking guts you useless piece of scum loving crap. They should get on their knees and BEG Sir Walter to take the Job the only man capable of sorting out the shambles regan and his Mickey loving cronies have created.
  7. Something is beginning to stir down Ibrox way. An methinks the tinks are just a wee bit worried.
  8. Point taken. Still something rotten in that ticket office. I’ve had two away tickets this season Hearts which everyone got And Scum. And we’ll see when the Sheep tickets get allocated,I won’t be holding my breath. There surely has to be a fairer way of distributing away tickets.
  9. Motherwell. Not normally one to moan but that makes it 7 allocations I’ve been ellegable for Sheep tickets and not had one. Something is rotten in that ticket office.
  10. Absolute shite haven’t had a sheep ticket for years and that includes before we were sent down.
  11. Have we appealed it. Sorry if already been asked
  12. I’m not really sure if I want him to stay or go. But yesterday bordered on outright thuggery on the park yesterday to which no team would stand up too. A proper Ref doing his job and they are down too ten men within 5 minutes of the game starting, further in the karate tackle on Morales and the disgusting elbow on Cardozo are just a few of the roughhouse tactics going on around the field of play. Alves should also have walked. As I said I’m not fussed if he stays or goes, but I can’t see an obvious replacement for him that would get us out of this mess. Ive always had an inkling for Kenn
  13. Great words Clint. You will always be welcome at our great club.
  14. RIP Brother?you can stand down now. see you at the final RV.
  15. People are gonna believe what they wish here. If they like the manager they will trend to the RO. If they want the manager gone they will trend to Jackson. Me I will never believe a word that shithouse rhag ever prints.
  16. Just a thought. But if it doesn't fit with you fair enough??
  17. I'd drop Windass. Push Dorrans forward directly onto Broonaldo. And bring Rossiter in if fit to play in between defence and midfield. And give Jack a free role.
  18. A player we signed and never played him in the position he ran riot against us in. Through the middle of the park.
  19. All the best Jimmy always the entertainer. ??????????
  20. I'm not fully up with what the image right thing means, but am aware the beasts from the east having used them extensively. Does anyone know or heard of an inquiry into image rights in the U.K.
  21. Come on guys get this on your Facebook pages get your friends to copy and paste it. Let's get the whole country reading it and taking action.
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