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  1. And I bet you're the type to complain about players not contributing. Assist is a valid stat. Get a grip.
  2. I wouldn't. But then I don't love what I do. Subjective question I guess.
  3. If you were retiring from your job would you give it your all? I certainly wouldn't. This is why we need to stop signing people at that stage of their career.
  4. Right I'm not privy to any goings on but see if they've just had a legit outburst to Murty and the team about how fucking disgusting their display was, how many of you can say you wouldn't have let rip?
  5. Naw. Boyd scored a shitload and still some give him pelters.
  6. I don't remember anything being done to them. No fines, point deductions, demotions, transfer bans, court cases, appeals, and 6 years (and counting) of people trying to punish them. (Correct me if any of that happened). But they got a new owner and a new stadium built (on the cheap).
  7. BBC running attention deflecting news this morning. Basically dragging up this Neely character's child abuse and trying to point the finger at the club. You'd think there was something else happening today...
  8. Shame they don't show that fight and anger on the pitch. If you play shit you get hooked
  9. Daft question but does the Patreon app accept bank card as payment method?
  10. Only Steven Gerrard can kill Steven Gerrard's career.
  11. See this. It's patronising and condescending. As if to say "there there wee man" etc. The arrogance ripping out of that rancid mob is unfuckingbearable. But we're ahead of the curve supposedly. Fuck knows what scores they were expecting against them if a potential 3/4th place finish is above expectations.
  12. Been asking myself that since 12pm
  13. Slightly before my time but my uncle endured it. Even he admits that the current situation eclipses the early 80s.
  14. Honestly? Even back then we could beat them and win a cup. Now we wilt and die when the game kicks off and we haven't won a major trophy in 7 fucking years.
  15. The first penalty they had showed us all how much they disrespect us. And that wee full back prick of theirs going to ground feigning injury when all Morelos tried to do was take the ball off him when it was our free kick. They show us none. Why do we have this mentality of showing everyone else respect?
  16. Dembele dived. Also Morelos booking was a joke. Should have been a booking for simulation the cheating cunts
  17. Seriously? The man has been nothing but a failure. Consistently. If any of us were as hopeless in our jobs we would be in the same industry never mind repeatedly being given a job.
  18. I would like this but a comment admiring your satire is better.
  19. Should take lessons from his old man in attitude and effort. Would be half decent in that case.
  20. Yeah we had two reds that night if I remember. Bougherra during the game and then Diouff after the game all for having the audacity to applaud the fans and throw his top in the crowd.
  21. Nope. Remember Diouff was red carded after a game there for throwing his top into the away end. We're policed to a different standard.
  22. Something is very wrong in this country and it has very sinister overtones. And as for his "masterclass" his panicked hoof up the park that led to their second is enough in the eyes of his fawning media fanboys to prove his "quality". I fucking hate them. Actually fucking hate them. All of them.
  23. Regarding the red card, if seeing the replay isn't enough, you can always tell by the reaction of the player being sent off. His lack of protest spoke volumes for me. He knew what he was doing.
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