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  1. I take it you put the R in your username by mistake?
  2. That reminds me I’ve got a ball signed by 9IAR team, unsure what year but I’m sure it’s got Gazza on it. It’s sat in a bag in the cupboard for years now, better go check it’s still there!
  3. Even though he has improved I still don’t think he is anywhere near being good enough for us which is a shame as you can tell he gives his all.
  4. Are you really that surprised when they have double if not more our wage bill?
  5. Don’t really have an issue with them going together as if I was in Croatia and me and someone else from here was playing for a rival team I would probably be mucking about with them too. If they were Scottish I would have an issue with it.
  6. Also just imagine he took our penalties as well, his scoring record would be insane
  7. The one thing I’ve been most impressed with this season is his link up play. He is actively looking for a pass now whereas last season he was just trying to shoot on sight. He still has a good bit to work on but he is a completely different player for the better this season! Long may it continue
  8. Not felt like this for a good couple of years!! Know it's only Rapid Vienna but what a feeling it is to be winning in Europe again. Long may it continue
  9. What a performance that was! Excellent result
  10. Nothing beats Scott McDonald scoring twice into them. Remember watching the game just hoping like fuck Motherwell could snatch something...getting so late on and we were all thinking it wasn’t going to happen to hear the commentator say there has been a goal at fir park! We all started going mental then all of a sudden somebody shouted wait there has been another goal and my heart sank! McDonald scores his 2nd and everyone just started going mental! Easily one of the best days including pens against Forientina. Think 55 will beat everything up until now though and I can’t wait!!
  11. Still not good enough for where we want to be but he has stepped his level up. I feel his positioning is what lets him down most and it's why he stuggles when we play against better teams.
  12. In a game where we actually took it to them. The other games Murty shat it
  13. Madness looking at most of the replies in the first couple of pages. Maybe I just see it differently but he has by far the most quality of anyone in our squad. It never helped he was having to cover for Halliday for a good number of games
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