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  1. One issue pertains to the horrific prejudice towards someone based on something they have absolutely no control over whatsoever, a woldwide societal problem that causes misery and inequality for millions of people. A problem that is trying to be solved by governments and organisations all over the world. A problem that causes people to lose their life. The other is related to money. Clear to see where UEFA's priorities lie.
  2. Yes it's really good. There is a ton more content to be developed. I think this game has a bright future.
  3. Every angle, every close up, each frozen still photo of the moment make it better, the more precisely it is is seen the more impressive it is. No other save I've seen is like that, they look good from the odd angle, this looks insane from the worst angle and properly insane from the best. Like let's not forget it was an absolutely brilliant cross, like the perfect ball with swerve and power, it came in really fast and the guy had a free header from about what 7-8 yards? His header was also brilliant, using the pace of the ball and directing it like a bullet to the bottom right corner. Per
  4. Yes and he gains Bruce Lee's little finger coated in gorilla clue.
  5. Holy shit man, it's the best save ever. There is no doubt in my mind.
  6. I do no understand why that miserable twat is on TV - none of the other commentators or studio people like him, and he talks a lot of negative crap all the time.
  7. Exactly this. Everyone in the stadium or watching the game "saw" it go in but then a second later all those same people were like... What? How is it possible that's not a goal? Then the replays come on and nothing is explained at all, it's still like... What? How is it possible that is not a goal? INSANE.
  8. Same, the Slavia boys looked confused as fuck like "how is it not a goal now?" Holy shit. I'm getting carried away that may be the best save I've ever seen. It was like the Matrix, it shouldn't have happened. Then the post match interview... omfg. "You just stick your hand oot and hope it doesnae go in" ... "and it never" ... "so happy days".
  9. ...and knocked out Brendan Rogers Leicester.
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