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  1. Not at all, made me smile I thought it might prompt the same thing for someone else.
  2. Well meeting some of the admins/core group in real life goes a long way, especially if it's at a game.
  3. Yes, that is a fair assessment of the situation. Aye all true, and I said some pretty controversial stuff too. On forums as in life I am either hit or miss in spectacular ways. I didn't stop posting because the failure of the TBB Committee actually my life turned into an insane roller coaster for a few years there, some really bad shit happened, and then some worse shit happened, and well you get the idea. I return at an all time low point for me personally; grasping at straws for something positive. Despite the abuse I used to get I also laughed hard sometimes reading thin
  4. I have been accused of many things, but I've never been accused of being boring, although I do aspire to a boring life, hopefully one day I'll achieve my dream.
  5. No I deliberately put it on the side just to make a bunch of yous tilt yer head.
  6. Oh fuck yes I forgot about that. Gotta be honest the first few pelters I was a like... you guys are mean. Then I remembered what it's like here if you haven't been posting for a while. Well have at boyos.
  7. I understand now, thank you pal. For both the info and your original reply.
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