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  1. I have listened to it 100 times and I cannot figure out what he is saying at 3:45 other than "with this fucking manager".
  2. Not playing so much Valheim now since I have no one to play with and I have sort of done everything to death on my own. Still playing quite a bit of Apex Legends if anyone fancies a game.
  3. This sort of thing just highlights how the cultures/societies in countries like Czech Republic, Poland, and so on, are quite far behind in their progressiveness. To a certain extent the attitude on display here, while abhorrent, is a consequence of the society in which these people were raised and immersed. It's the same reason why older people in more progressive countries tend to be more racist, sexist, homophobic, and generally discriminatory. They are often excused as the "product of a different time" but the reality is that they are are products of a different society/culture.
  4. This is quite wrong, the opposite of the reality in fact. Most FPS type games have auto-aim/aim-assist built in for console players (who primarily use controllers). Most PC games do not have any such thing. The reason for this is that using a keyboard and mouse for to control is vastly vastly better than using a controller - so much so that anyone using a keyboard and mouse has a very distinct advantage versus a console player. Many games do not allow "crossplay" [console and PC players playing together] - e.g. console players play together, pc players play together, and never the twain shall meet. This has been that case primarily because of the controller issue. However more and more games are now offering crossplay and most if not all games that now offer crossplay give some aim-assist mechanism to those using a controller to give console players a chance to compete with people using the vastly superior control mechanism of keyboard and mouse. The one thing that might have formed your incorrect opinion on this is the prevalence of cheaters on PC games. Aimbots, anti-recoil, and wall hacks are all rife within online PC gaming, it's very annoying but a difficult problem to solve. It is one of the reasons why traditionally LAN performances are much more trusted than online tournaments. Having said that there have been numerous instances of people cheating at LAN - including installing cheats onto the onboard memory in their mice (for non-BYOC shenanigans).
  5. Oh really? What year did we win the Champions League then?
  6. I'm hit and miss, and Marmiteish and things aren't currently going well. On the balance of probabilities someone found it vaguely amusing, or may find something I say amusing.
  7. All true - but as a neutral for most Champions League games I would much rather watch most other teams. They play a game of frustration, they frustrate their opponents and every neutral watching. It's anti-football.
  8. Signed. Was great to see #ResignHumzaYousaf trending earlier with 6000+ tweets. 16,000 signature now.
  9. His management style reminds my of a hyper-aggressive Jose Mourinho. By the way I just checked and he's been at Atletico for 10 years now TEN YEARS I was shocked by that, only seems like 2 or 3 seasons ago that he got that job. Where does the time go.
  10. No idea mate, but that's totally irrelevant - you said he was in an "undefeated Champions League campaign" - but we have never not been beaten at least once in a given campaign [yet, come on Stevie G]?
  11. He's done well but their Champions League latter stage performances are boring as fuck.
  12. One of yous two fancy sharing your screen in a private discord call? :P
  13. I have mixed feelings. It's a shame the big super-fight is off now, I am annoyed about that, and I am vaguely concerned that Joshua will get beat by Usyk preventing it from happening. However if it does happen it really HAS to be in the UK, it'd be a travesty if it were anywhere else. Britain rules boxing at the moment, and that's the way I like it. :) On the other hand I am looking forward to watching Tyson Fury dominate and smash that retarded yank Wilder even harder than he did last time, and hopefully send the fraud into retirement. It is an appropriate name, Wilder, because never have I heard any wilder excuses in all my days.
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