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  1. Well done to the fans chanting . It is the duty of every right thinking person to give it laldy every time that scumbag is sighted . I am liking .
  2. Keep shining the light on the corrupt spfl . Keep at them , make their lives a living hell .
  3. The truth . No other way to paint it . Well done to Private Eye .
  4. Glorious stuff . Hurting a bit ๐Ÿ˜ Bigoted. Sectarian bampot . It's a game of football FFS , we sing half that shit cos it winds up wankers like you . Last season's done them in big time , I am loving it .
  5. Yeah , he backed the easdales and it ended in a bit of a mess . He took a lot of stick on here . I used to read his blog and thought it was a good read . His backing of the non DK regime at the time was worth a read as well .
  6. Yeah , I'm disappointed that the Record would run a story like this in the first place . It's a spiteful and hateful thing to do , it really is . The lack of blood lust from our usual bastions of morality is deafening it's so quiet . You'd have thought the people you mention would have been first out the trap on this one . The reason they aren't is because they are sectarian bigots . Absolute dregs of humanity .
  7. Not got anything to do with Rangers . Many might be fans of other clubs . I've nothing against anyone into the lodge , but to say this is Rangers is stretching it a bit far .
  8. That's a low ball there from the DR , it really is . Is this worthy of print or even mentioning for that matter . Bloody hell , the lunatics have taken over the asylum . Gave them a body swerve after the Jane Hamilton article , but this is clutching at straws now .
  9. Good has triumphed over evil yet again . Amen .
  10. We are all gutted and rightly so . The next steps will tell us what we need to know about Gerrard and our team and club . If anyone isn't up to the task we will change and move forward like we have always done , second best isn't good enough . This is yet another watershed moment , let's hope something positive comes of it even if it means serious change .
  11. Don't really care if the board are right or wrong , just get stuck into these Rangers hating wankers . They hate us and our club . Give it laldy with cherries on top ๐Ÿ’
  12. I was in total agreement with you up till this week . They've spunked a fair few quid on signings and seem to be intent on a few more . The big Ange bandwagon is in full swing and they are committed . The Dom MacKay geezer has made his bed and he's going to have to lie in it . The scum board are a shambles as well as the team . The soap dodger would be their best shout to stop the rot , but it'll be Roy Keane or something as disastrous if their bottle crashes :)
  13. Wow , just seen the interview posted earlier Something more than wrong behind the scenes . He's had a bust up with the players and things aren't going well
  14. "and the fear the start to the season could be sabotaged as it was a year ago under Neil Lennon" Yeah , what sabotage was that ? The best transfer window in Scum history according to your own disciples ? "cleverly milked whatโ€™s going on at the moment by saying: โ€œThe club has become a name which resonates right around the continent.โ€ Just stating a fact is it not ?. Snide digs and wee shitey by the way comments are what your own shower of scum are famous for . Leave it out shug .
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