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  1. Looking for one as well . My daughter wanted the PS5 for Christmas but decided she'd wait till her birthday as we couldny get one . Looking like it's on the Christmas list again :)
  2. Well said sir . Tom English needs to have a word with himself . Why is Lennon the only celtic manager that's had this problem ?. He's right to highlight how his very own fans have turned on him , the GFITW , but the rest is nauseating . Tell the truth Tom ?
  3. Only 4 hours till the phone in on clyde . I'm loving life right now .
  4. Aye , chased out of Scotland by anti Catholic bigotry ? Naw , consumed by his very own hatred, bitterness and bigotry . His very own victimised support and compliant media have shown their true colours . Get it up the lot of them .
  5. To have spent the money that the scum have and still be so pish is brilliant . Loving it , absolutely loving it .
  6. Guys a devious bastard . He's lost the dressing room and the players are thinking he'll quit or get the boot . He's bluffing the players and fans , but inside he knows it's over , he's been here too many times not to know . The pressure is also off him now , Terry Munro is gone and so is the pressure .
  7. Bloody hell , hope Rafa's got his phone with him and fully charged . Wouldny want to miss this job . The other sub headline - slide started the day brendan went ? They were playing shite and had been playing shite for the last 6 months under Rogers . What a load of pish ,
  8. 100% . Even the scum know it's not real titles , never was and never will be .
  9. I get the feeling he has a wee band of arse kissers that were feeding him a lot of the press conferance rant . While he was isolating with a huge cargo he'll have been on social media and all that pish non stop . His mind is poisoned anyway but talking with haggerty and phil all day will have tipped him over the edge - full raging mutant . What i really like is that he's spent an absolute fortune on players , there is no one to blame but himself . Lawell just has to concentrate on getting a new manager and Lennon will self destruct . He did the same at hibs and just walked out . T
  10. That's shocking . Scumbag material . He should be banned for the rest of the season for that . Utter scum .
  11. Fair comment and you might be right . I'm also thinking the bigoted one has gone full tonto on the players in the dressing room ( or the showers ) It's usually around the end of his reign that he pisses everyone off - if he hasn't already . We have seen it at every club he's been at , loses dressing room and implodes , the latter being well under way .
  12. As has been said before - I've a million problems with Neil Lennon , but the fact he's and irish catholic isn't one of them . Really boils my piss when these sanctimonious arseholes start all this racist pish . They are more bigoted than I could ever be .
  13. Wouldny mind seeing a list of the 60 that went to Dubai . Quite sure there will be a few wasters along for the jolly .
  14. Mud is being thrown and it is sticking . Some might fall off but plenty more to come . Death by a thousand cuts , it's a war of attrition and they don't like it up em .
  15. King , Park and Taylor . When we entered the Lambias and Leech days it really was looking bleak .
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