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  1. Aye , some of the shit we've had to endure since 2012 has been heartbreaking , but we've held fast and it's a credit to us all . Never off the front page of the papers for one reason or another . Charles Green , the Easdales , Pedro etc I'm glad all that shit seems to be over , it's the scums turn now and I'm loving it big time
  2. Agreed Malky , he does come out with some sensible stuff and some of it I do agree with . However sometimes he doesn't tell the truth or skews the narrative so he doesn't have to be 100% truthful . The Morelos carry on with the Bill Leckie article and the racist debate I don't recall him condemning , not to mention his association with the Scum Boys Club around the time of Torbett are stains he can't shake off .
  3. If the scum don't win this year it will be one of the greatest tragedies in the history of their club . The pressure on the manager is of biblical proportions . I am loving it , absolutely loving it .
  4. Lemon has lost the dressing room , just like he always does , rinse and repeat . Writing is on the wall for any team that plays them - if you give it your best shot you have a chance of beating them , if you don't you'll get beat anyway . What's to lose ?
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