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  1. Didn’t want to even think it at the time but I honestly thought he was dead. He looked lifeless when you seen that shot of his face. Thank god that hasn’t been the outcome.
  2. I worked in a leisure centre for years and although I was never in the pool building we all had to be trained in CPR and defib incase there was ever an incident. A few people I worked with have had to use it, one outside of work. A skill that everybody should be taught.
  3. He was running towards the ball and he stumbled and then just went down.
  4. On the subject of CPR if any of you go to your work and your office/site/company don’t have a defibrillator then push for them to get one and provide you with training on how to use it. I can’t remember the exact figures but the rate of survival is significantly higher if somebody goes into cardiac arrest and one of them is used over traditional CPR.
  5. Stuff like that really puts life in perspective doesn’t it? It’s scary how everything can change for anybody in an instant 😢
  6. Like an actual stomach punch. Truly gut wrenching.
  7. Surely they should be cutting the feed of this game for now. Nobody needs to be seeing this.
  8. Watching Kamara playing in the Euros and knowing that Kudela isn’t because he’s a racist piece of shit is incredibly satisfying.
  9. Think this could be a good game. Hopefully a decent number of goals.
  10. I see Soucek has been bumping his gums in the press about how Kudela isn’t a racist. The thing that fucks me off is this “no proof” narrative they keep trying to spin even though Zungu also heard the slur and almost immediately repeated it to the fourth official. Somebody else hearing it and repeating it should be proof enough but the sad reality is that certain people don’t believe him or are trying to discredit his corroboration not only because he’s a Rangers players, and not only because he is sticking up for his team mate, but also because he’s black and their mentality is “well
  11. Absolutely dreadful. Were getting a decent bit of hype from the hipsters before the tournament too.
  12. Italy have been good, but Turkey have been fucking dreadful.
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