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  1. I still can’t believe I’ve seen that goal tonight BTW. Sensational.
  2. Insane how we are now in a position where we can leave Helendar and Davis out now and you wouldn’t even notice a difference. This is unquestionably the strongest squad we have had in almost a decade.
  3. We are a very good European outfit. I’ve said that a few times now and I stand by it 100%. Like @Rangers_no1 says above we have beat some Champions League calibre teams in the past few years and we have done it over a period of time now where it can no longer be considered a fluke.
  4. Morelos just isn’t at the races atm is he? Guy needs to seriously buck his ideas up. He didn’t get his move and he obviously wanted it but football is a what have you done for me lately business and if he continues playing like this then teams aren’t going to come back in for him.
  5. Me when MJF and Jericho’s steak dinner turned into a musical number
  6. You would think Van Dijk was on deaths door with the way people are going on about him and his injury wouldn’t you? Granted the challenge from Pickford was shocking but he’s not the first player to suffer a torn ACL and he certainly isn’t going to be the last. I bet Liverpool go Into full ambulance chaser mode and have shirts with his name on the back as a show of solidarity towards him like City did for Gundogan.
  7. Did Jon Flanagan not get away with something almost identical to this in a game against them the season before last?
  8. Why does Brown still live rent free in so many of our supporters head?
  9. Still think we have a major issue if one of the fullbacks goes down for a significant period of time.
  10. Forrest is a better player than Barker, McGregor is exactly what we have needed in midfield for years and Edouard is a good striker. The player I’ve never seen the hype with is Christie. I think he’s over rated. Not just for celtic but for Scotland too where there seems to be uproar if he is out or misses a squad through injury. I’m yet to see what the hype is all about. Funnily enough I don’t think he’s ever had a good game against us but it doesn’t get highlighted anywhere near as much as Morelos’ below par performances against them do.
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