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  1. Somebody needs to drop Left Winger with a stone cold stunner IMHO.
  2. Four part podcast special done by The Athletic. Their journalism and coverage is usually quite good and fair so I’m hoping it’ll prove to be a series worth checking out. Anybody listened to it yet? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Shite?
  3. Probably a fraction of what we should. Not many teams are going to want to risk spending big money on a player who has a dodgy knee that has to be managed very carefully, and that’s before you even start thinking about the list of other injuries that he has.
  4. Shame it looks like he’s going there because I actually quite like Howe tbh.
  5. Howe is a good coach but there’s a massive difference between coaching an unfashionable team who aren’t expected to win every week into playing football that is pleasing on the eye and building a team capable of the bottle and versatility needed for a title challenge over the course of a season. Thankfully for us, I don’t think Howe has the capability of being the second option, at least not right away because the first year or two will be a learning curve and a culture shock akin to what Gerrard went through.
  6. Is it though? I’m a massive fan of him but if we can’t keep him fit then we need to be thinking about other options. Unfortunately there is no room for sentiment in football.
  7. We missed Jack massively in both games against Slavia Prague.
  8. Not as good as Cuellar or Bougherra were IMO.
  9. Don’t know why Aston Villa would want Helander when they already have Mings as their left sided centre half.
  10. But he isn’t even remotely like Pirlo. Pirlo was a deep lying midfielder, Hagi is a forward thinking number 10. Apart from having traits that most good footballers should have, I don’t even see where that comparison comes from to begin with
  11. Pirlo was a deep lying midfielder. Hagi is a number ten. I know Pirlo started his career further forward before being moved back, but there has been zero indication that we would ever want to try something like that with Hagi.
  12. Hagi is the next Pirlo? I like the boy but I’ve heard it all now
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