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  1. Does anybody else think that one of the biggest problems in WWE is that the top of the roster is just a bit stale and people have maybe just been there for too long? In the past most wrestlers would have a run with a company for a few years and then move on somewhere else before coming back, feeling fresh again and in most cases having an entirely new roster to work with which created fresh matches, feuds, programmes and characters. Like not even just in territory days, but also in the 90’s too. Look at how many people would have a run with either the WWF or WCW for a couple of years at a
  2. This was a such a great promo. I wasn’t convinced to begin with but I think Moxley is really hitting his stride in AEW now.
  3. Is there a worse time of year than Survivor Series? Brand vs brand for brand supremacy containing loads of guys wrestling for brands that they have been on for two weeks against a load of other guys wrestling for brands that they have been on for two weeks. It’s fucking dog shit and it needs canned ASAP. Get back to normal 5 vs 5 matches with people building their teams over a course of weeks.
  4. The Reigns stuff is the best stuff in the company by a mile atm (closely followed by the Bayley Sasha angle). Reigns, Jey, Jimmy, Heyman...they are all knocking it out it out of the park.
  5. Watch the clash of champions match. It was even better.
  6. Is Lewis Ferguson the top scorer in the league? :lol:
  7. 25th October 2010 WWE Champion: Randy Orton MITB Contract Holder: The Miz 25th October 2020 WWE Champion: Randy Orton MITB Contract Holder: The Miz
  8. Teams with defensive records like that win trophies.
  9. I still can’t believe I’ve seen that goal tonight BTW. Sensational.
  10. Insane how we are now in a position where we can leave Helendar and Davis out now and you wouldn’t even notice a difference. This is unquestionably the strongest squad we have had in almost a decade.
  11. First score line I’ve predicted right in a long time
  12. We are a very good European outfit. I’ve said that a few times now and I stand by it 100%. Like @Rangers_no1 says above we have beat some Champions League calibre teams in the past few years and we have done it over a period of time now where it can no longer be considered a fluke.
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