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  1. Eddie Howe is another Tony Mowbray. Praised for playing easy on the eye football at a nothing club aiming to average 1.05 points a game over the course of the season so they can hit that 38 point mark and just stay in the league for another season. Couldn’t cope with the pressure up here at all IMO.
  2. Somebody needs to take that clip of the there’s only one Shane Duffy chant and put it as the soundtrack to a “best of” video of him in a celtic top.
  3. Exactly. A point for them at celtic park is a enough to be considered a great result.
  4. “All we cared about was the quadruple treble” 🤥
  5. Scored with his first shot for Ajax
  6. Chris Cadden supposedly going to Hibs. Another decent signing for them. Jack Ross is building a pretty decent squad there.
  7. Hopefully he gets something in Scotland then.
  8. Mental to think that Rooney is retired now. That goal he scored against Arsenal to announce himself feels like it was only about 5 years ago
  9. Surprised he’s ended up there tbh. Was being strongly linked with Aberdeen last season and I would have thought he would have gone there if he was available again. Aberdeen having no money probably doesn’t help.
  10. Kyle Lafferty just been let go by Reggina. Absolute stick on to rock up at Livingston, Motherwell or Kilmarnock before the end of the window
  11. If celtic and Hibs have both returned more positive tests then they just cancel/delay both clubs next game, they make them play youth team players or they play the fixture at a later date and every other team carries on like normal. That’s what has happened with a number of fixtures in England with clubs who have had significant outbreaks (regardless of how, where or why the outbreak started) and that’s the correct way to handle it here too. People need to stop pedalling this “football will be stopped“ and “null and void” chat as their go to response every single time there is the s
  12. We need to get him tied down to a new contract as a matter of urgency.
  13. DBBTB


    I wasn’t taking anything away from him or what he’s been through BTW. Whether you have the best facilities available or not it takes a seriously strong mindset and a lot of hard graft to get yourself back to that level within six months. Haha honestly mate that first story is almost word for word what happened to me. Dislocated knee cap, torn cartridge, strained medial ligaments, uncommon gait when walking..the guessed are it being everything apart from the thing that I suspected it to be. I finally got referred to a specialist and he did the lachman test and diagnosed it within two m
  14. DBBTB


    To be fair he’s a professional athlete who will have had first class treatment from the minute he got injured. That’s going to have a serious impact on his recovery. When I did my ACL it took seven months just to get a diagnosis and the height of my physio during my rehab (before I went private) was getting handed a generic sheet with a few shit exercises on it from an NHS physio.
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