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  1. Imagine Mourinho settling down on a Saturday night with a steak and an expensive bottle of red wine and firing on Sportscene to watch Steven Thompson and Michael Stewart speaking absolute shite
  2. Away on my holidays tomorrow so I’ve spent the whole day trying to hammer through the main story. Not long finished it now. What option did you all choose at the end?
  3. And there’s been plenty of times when Morelos has looked like he’s been carrying too much weight too.
  4. Second time this season already that a Livi player has actively set out to half him.
  5. Kamara obviously read this thread and thought “fuck it, I better speed this up and sign”
  6. Our business in the past couple of windows should have given it away to the people still on denial about it. We are shopping in the bargain bin and signing a lot of players who have a very Warburton vibe to them. We are definitely relying on the core of guys who have been with Gerrard for a few years now to do the business for one more season and then looking at a massive sale and rebuild.
  7. I think he’ll join West Ham. Earn a huge wage for limited game time and then be sent out on loan to some jobber championship team like Reading or Fulham six months later.
  8. That was my first thought too. I reckon we could be looking at loses of at least 20 million.
  9. I’m not usually one to do this but I did suggest we weren’t that far away from needing a bit of rebuild a few months ago and people slated me for it 😬
  10. Amoruso was a player who had a mistake in him too. Would be very interesting to see what the consensus on him would be if he played for us in an era when forum and social media were as prevalent as they are now.
  11. It surprising if true. He’s a talented player but he seems to incapable of finishing a game. He obviously had a bad injury but his stamina has been a problem for them since he signed for them.
  12. I think we put all of our cards on the table last Summer when we signed Hagi, Roofe and Itten despite us already being what, 15-17 million, in debt? We have unquestionably been rooting in the bargain bin ever since and the result of that is us looking like quite a tired team that, in hindsight, desperately needed freshened up with a couple of new signings this Summer, even if that meant cashing in and letting one or two of our higher profile players move first.
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